Using Microsoft Word to do an Email Merge in Outlook

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Using Microsoft Word to do an Email Merge in Outlook


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Using Word to do an Email Merge in Outlook :

Using Word to do an Email Merge in Outlook Presented by Eryn Branham

Step 1:

Step 1 Open Microsoft Word & Outlook Click on Mailings > Start Mail Merge Under Select document type, click E-mail messages The active document becomes the main document, where you will type the body of your e-mail message. 1 2

Step 2:

Step 2 Click on Select recipients You will have 3 options in the drop down box. Type New L ist Use Existing L ist Select from Outlook Contacts

Use Existing List:

Use Existing List Choose a CSV file located on your computer Click Open

Data Source Notes:

Data Source Notes Make sure your file is a CSV file Make sure you have headers in your file

Select from Outlook Contacts:

Select from Outlook Contacts Choose your contacts a box similar to this will pop up LinkedIn contacts

Your Message:

Your Message Once you have your data source, type your message You can include: Graphics Links Photos Merge Fields You cannot include attachments

Insert Merge Field:

Insert Merge Field This personalizes each email Put your cursor in the location where you want to enter the personalized field Click on Insert Merge Field Choose the field you want to insert

Sending Your E-Mail:

Sending Your E-Mail Click on Preview Results Click on Finish & Merge 1 2 Your done! All the emails you sent will show up in your Outlook’s sent box

Thank you…:

Thank you… For more information please contact For more tips on using Microsoft products for marketing go to: /

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