English as a User-Generated Language

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We are Erika Cruvinel and Ronaldo Lima Jr, EFL teachers and technology enthusiasts. We truly believe that by teaching and using online social networking tools, we can help our students see the world with different eyes, understand other cultures and meet students from around the globe, using English to communicate. We hope that our students will, then, be able to shape their own future, respecting cultural diversity and valuing those differences.

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Casa Thomas Jefferson http://www.thomas.org.br ctjonline@thomas.org.br Binational Center located in Brasília, capital of Brazil. 14.000 students - all ages and levels 5 different branches + corporate and educational partners 169 English teachers 5 computer labs 5 rooms equipped with interactive boards Wi-fi connection in all buildings Lots of international collaborative projects!!!

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English as a User-Generated Language This talk aims at showing participants part of the plethora of projects using web 2.0 tools, which focus on user-generated content, that can be incorporated into regular language classes, motivating students as well as bringing more authenticity to students’ production. Presenters will demonstrate how practical and engaging these projects can be by sharing some they have successfully carried out.

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This is Brazil - Voicethread A group of Brazilian students created this slideshow presentation about the cities they considered to be the most important in Brazil. The presentation was then advertised in class blog (http://finally5b.21classes.com) and in the Sister Classes Project blog (http://esleflstudents.edublogs.org) So far, the presentation has been viewed more than 2,000 times and has almost 100 different comments from language teachers and English students from all over the world.

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SambaEFL Podcast SambaEFL is a podcast to help students of English learn the language. It is produced by a Brazilian English teacher with the help of friends in the online community and her students. SambaEFL features interviews, discussions of up-to-date topics and cultural aspects around the globe, all to enhance learning, sharing and interaction. It's dedicated to EFL and ESL learners and educators. Listen to the audio files and interact with SambaEFL Communtiy at http://sambaefl.podomatic.com/

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Some University students in Russia were studying about Latin American culture. Their professor contacted us and proposed some cultural exchange. One of the ideas generated this video, which was published in the Russia-Latin America blog. The Russian students sent some questions they had about Brazilian life. Some EFL students discussed the questions in class and recorded their answers, which were put together in the video. http://ruslatproject.blogspot.com/2007/06/brazil-russia-video.html

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9jYXdRS0oQ A group of Brazilian teenagers record a video talking about different things people can do to help save the planet and use the power of Youtube to spread their ideas to the rest of the world. The video was recorded in the classroom using a digital camera. The video was put together with the program Movie Maker.

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Dispelling stereotypes threaded discussion This threaded discussion was created just to test this tool (chinswing.com), but ended up generating a heated discussion among educators and students from various countries. The presentation now has almost 2 hours of collaboration: http://www.chinswing.com/pages/discussion.aspx?id=98c2b379-bd39-422a-9d65-408aa4f3c243

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