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Be Proud You're a Teacher, the Future Depends on You.


By: ahmedismat2000 (105 month(s) ago)

this is a tribute in real sense. allow me to share with my staff

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“To a good student Takes as much wisdom As it does to be a good Teacher.” -Anonymous

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Parents as well as their educators play major roles in the development process of the innocent mind.

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In the child’s undefiled eyes, their teachers are their guardians, for they spend more time in school than at home.

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“The school is Where we learn… where we grow…”

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“and you, our teacher are our role models.”

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“you aid in our learning and Emotional development, and for this, We are thankful.”

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“Thank You for teaching us our lessons and good values.” “Thank You for being a great teacher and a good person at the same time.”

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“thank you for being a friend to us, when we cry and we need someone to hold our hand.”

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“you always show us the meaning of true friendship.”

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“Everyday that we go to school is special because of you. We learn new things from you.”

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“playing becomes more fun When shared with you.”

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“thank you for picking us up when we run and fall.”

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“You inspire us to do better And never forget to say how good we are and how much more we could be.”

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“thank you for always being there for us.” “thank you for showing us love and care even when we are outside the classroom.

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“you always remind us the value of giving and sharing.”

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“…the importance of respect and the meaning of being “good”.” “you teach us how to say “sorry” and care for other’s feelings.”

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“you are always a part of the family.”

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for these and much much more… WE THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU TEACHERS!

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