Eric Hannelius: The Man behind the Success of VPS


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The owner of Vision Payment Solutions, Eric Hannelius is recognized as one of the popular financial professional. This man has several years of experience to his credit in the field of card processing.


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Who is Eric Hannelius? Eric Hannelius and his team of experts at Vision Payment Solutions offer viable merchant solutions that will help improve your business functionality in a great way. With the help of these solutions, you will be able to multiply your profit and make your presence felt among your customers.

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Eric Hannelius will Help your Business Gain Popularity When you look at a successful business person you may find yourself setting goals to get to that same level of success. You may model your business career after this person and work toward your success in much the same way that Eric Hannelius did.

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Eric Hannelius has Years of Banking Experience Eric Hannelius worked in the private banking sector for many years, and that experience showed him how traditional banks and credit card processing simply does not work for the merchants in today's competitive marketplace. He underlined the limitations of financial institutions and tried to eliminate the errors committed by them. He firmly believes that in order to thrive in today’s cut-throat competition, a financial institution has to be merchant-centric.

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