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Erica Bantum is sales and marketing expert. She holds degree in Business Administration. To know more about her visit her site


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Erica Monique Bantum:

Erica Monique Bantum Sales and Marketing Expert

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Erica Bantumis a sales and marketing expert, and she has a great professional track record.

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She has been working with different organizations in her course of a career.

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She always tries to find new ways to encourage her team members to achieve the targeted sales.

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Erica Bantum also has a good control over different tools including Microsoft Office.

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She has been providing quality customer services to the companies. She also completed her degree in July 2014.

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Erica Bantum also has some exceptional writing and presentation skills.

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She has professional expertise includes marketing research, entertainment marketing, advanced and professional selling, and market analysis.

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Erica Bantum has also worked on multiple sales and marketing campaigns, and she has helped different organizations to increase their sales revenue.

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She also likes to create new and improved marketing strategies for the company to enhance their sales revenue.

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Erica Bantum also specializes in creating and executing social media campaigns for different companies .

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She likes to drive sales and growth for the company with new and improved marketing techniques.

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