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As we age, collagen synthesis slows down. Too little collagen in the skin causes loss of firmness. UV damage alters the collagen matrix, creating a cross binding web that literally squeezes the moisture out, causing a dry, leathery look and wrinkling. Sun exposure in any degree compromises these new, living cells beneath the surface. The damage is done long before you see it in the mirror, dooming you to a future of prematurely aged skin. Call or Text eric 09997728579 & 09323116237


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DO YOU AGREE THAT EVERY PERSON WANTED A CHANGE FOR THEIR LIVE’S? The question is WHY? Escape in Poverty Get Their Dreams Have their House and Lot Have a Brand New Car Have an Assurance of having a passive income that can sustain the need’s of their selves & FAMILY! Because most people want to:

People NEED and WANT long-term residual, stable income that FREES them from the rat race. : 

The only problem is that most people DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET IT. ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM! People NEED and WANT long-term residual, stable income that FREES them from the rat race.

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RULE FOR SUCCESS “You must be in business for yourself. You will never get rich working for someone else.” - J. Paul Getty

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What kind of business that we can Start? “In 2010 there will be a $ 1 TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS..” WHAT WILL BE THE $ 1 TRILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS IN 2010?

Health and Wellnessare dominating trends in today’s marketplace : 

Health and Wellnessare dominating trends in today’s marketplace

…They make people … : 

The services and products of the health and wellness industry are what people want to purchase because… …They make people … Feel healthier Look better Age more slowly Less susceptible to disease and illness

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WHY HEALTH AND WELLNESS IS THE BOOM INDUSTRY? Because TODAY: Degenerative diseases are the leading causes of death 7.5M Heart Disease 10M Cancer 5.5M Stroke 895,000 Diabetes World Health Report 2002

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MIYO Food Products Resource, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation engaged in the Importation and direct selling of beauty and Health products from the US. MIYO, which stands for “Make It Your Own” was registered With SEC on January 6, 2005 with SEC Reg. No. CS200500047. The prime product are been 5 years available in the market specially in MERCURY DRUG & WATSON. MIYO History MIYO COMPANY PROFILE:

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Is a graduate of Bachelor Science in Electrical Engineering in University of Bohol. A 29 years old successful businessman. He is the owner of ALL TRADE INDUSTRIES, INC., a construction company which primarily caters to mechanical, electrical, pluming and fire protection system for low, medium and high-rise commercial and condominium buildings. MIYO OWNER: MR. ANTHONY O. BERSALUNA President & COO

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The company’s current and on-going projects includes a high-rise condominium buildings Located in Laguna with a contract price of almost P700 Million known as Makiling View and Mercedes Residences located in Pasig with a contract price of P1.5 Billion. He own the AOB Diamond Records which into promotion, record production and talent management. The Famous song Composer Mr. Benny Zaturno is the one who compose all the record of his talent. He also holds 40% stake in Dyaryong Pinoy, a locally circulated Tabloid base in Metro Manila.

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Ms. Jeanette M. Perdigon Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Is a graduate of BS in Nutrition from UP- University of Philippines. At least 40 years as a professional and 30 of it in the corporate world of sales and marketing for consumer products like cosmetics/toiletries (28 years), foods and food supplements and garments. For several years before MIYO was set up she worked as a management and business consultant for companies in the fields of natural food supplements and toiletries. At this stage, she is also helping restructure a printing business and a publishing house. MIYO OWNER:

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As AVP Sales, she was in charge of five departments of Tourist Duty-Free Shops (1982-1984), inclusive of, operations, institutional embassies and Hari-raya restaurant and government relations. As President of Pacific Dairy Queen, master franchise of Dairy Queen, International in the Philippines, Macau and Hong Kong, she also set up an International Dairy Queen Operation in Hong Kong (1995) and has participated in various International Trade Shows showcasing products of the Philippines and China. She set up the direct sales operations of Chic Centre Corp. - Bobbie Cosmetics (Gokongwei group) (1976) and the SM retail chain of Health and Beauty Shops (now Watson’s) (1989).

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A brand exclusively labeled for the Philippine market, made in the USA A patented designer formula for skin repair and cell regeneration Formulated especially for the adolescents and the young adults THE PRIME PRODUCT’S: The skin repair regimen MEANING OF JUVENTUS4 Juventus – means YOUTH in Latin The # 4 refers to the 4 ways at which it works to support HEALTH, LIFE, YOUTH, BEAUTY Juventus4

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TESTIMONIAL SUBJECT: Less Rough & controlled oily skin Pimples are drying & less inflamed Reddish tone subsiding & more even skin tone. 0 week – use of Juventus4 4 weeks daily use of Juventus4 Improvements may vary depending on lifestyle and hereditary traits. Female, 25yrs old, Call-center E-rep Coffee Drinker & Heavy Smoker Rough & Oily Skin Full of pimples & pimple scars Red-inflamed & uneven skin tone

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SUBJECT: T-zone oils controlled Pimples drying with no scars Red-inflammation subsided Male, 15 yrs old, Active HS Student Basketball Varsity Player Oily T-zone with pimples mostly on Forehead, chin & mouth area Red-inflamed & painful. TESTIMONIAL:

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SUMMARY EFFECTS: Observed effects of Juventus4 after 4 weeks of daily intake Pimples drying with no scars Red-inflammation subsided Oily skin controlled Visibly clearer & even skin tone Improvements may vary depending on lifestyle and hereditary traits.

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PACKAGING: Recommended usage: 1 tablet a day Best before breakfast with a glass of water. BLISTER PACK IN POLYFOIL – 30 tablets per pack Nitrogen pack: open (top) and sealed (below)

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The Youth Pills E N V I E A brand exclusively labeled for the Philippine market, made in the USA A patented designer formula Formulated especially for the adults (30 above) THE PRIME PRODUCT’S:

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Nov 17, 2004 Dec 08, 2004 Oct 02, 2005 Case: Female Skin Rejuvenation Subject: 75 yrs of age TESTIMONIAL:

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Jan 24, 2005 Feb 28, 2005 March 25, 2005 Case: Male Skin rejuvenation Subject :57 yrs of age TESTIMONIAL:

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PACKAGING: To get the full benefits of ENVIE: Take 1 Tablet a day for body weight of 180 lbs or less Take 2 Tablets a day for body weight of more than 180 lbs Best before Meals DOSAGE BLISTER PACK IN POLYFOIL Nitrogen pack: open (top) and sealed (below)

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Keep the wrinkles at bay & Start looking younger today! PEOPLE USING ENVIE:

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OTHER PRODUCTS: MY OWN GREENTEA MIX COMPONENTS: L-Carnitin, Goji, Grapeseed Extract and Green Tea Extract. HEALTH BENEFITS: Slim Effect, Increases energy at the same time suppresses appetite, reduces irritability and nervousness, reduces muscular fatigue, helps in protecting diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, and liver disorder. MY OWN COFFEE BLEND COMPONENTS: Agaricus Blazei Murill, Ginseng, Mangosteen, Spirulina, and Tongkat Ali. HEALTH BENEFITS: It helps increase our energy and strength, look and feel younger, helps lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, maintain healthy cholesterol level, balance blood sugar and manage diabetes, enhance libido and sexual function, relieve headaches and dizziness, fights inflamination and arthritis. Threats menopausal symptoms, support kidney help and alleviate anxiety and stress.

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MY OWN CHOCOLATE COMPONENTS: DHA, Goji, Gotu Kola, Grapeseeds Extract. HEALTH BENEFITS: Strengthens the immune system, lower cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, strengthens the bones and teeth, skin problems. It improves blood circulation, revitalizes and nourishes aging skin. GRAPESEED OIL EXTRACTC COMMON USE’S FOR: Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Clots, Cancer, Cataracts, High/low blood pressure, Cellulite, cholesterol, circulation, Diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy, Eczema, Edema, Emphysema, Eyestrain, Fibronylagin, Glaucoma, Gout, Hair loss, Hay fever, Heart attack, Heart disease, Hemorrhoid, Hives, Impotence, leg cramps, Muscular degeneration, Numbness(Tingling),Psoriasis, Scars, Skin Cancer, Skin elasticity, Skin Health, Stretch marks, stroke, Teeth and gum healing, Tumor formation, Varicose Veins & wrinkles. OTHER PRODUCTS:

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BEAUTY PRODUCT’S: MIYO Glutathione Soap Active Ingredients: Glutathione, Grapeseed Oil Extract & Goat’s Milk. MIYO Papaya Orange Soap Active Ingredients: Papaya Extract, Orange Extract, Virgin Coconut Oil &Vitamin C MIYO Anti Bacterial Soap Active Ingredients: Spirulina, Tea Tree Oil & Lemon Extract INGREDIENTS: Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Vitamin E, Active Amino Acids, Sodium PCA, Grapeseed Extract, Goat’s Milk Extract. BEAUTY BENEFIT’S: Eu Visage is a soap especially made for the face that can oalso be used for the body. It thoroughly cleanses and moisturize the skin, aids in the prevention of premature wrinkling, helps fade uneven dark spots and keeps the skin healthy, smooth, firm and young looking all day long. EU VISAGE SOAP

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ADVANTAGE- P4,980.00 (400 Sales Volume) PREMIUM- P8,980.00 (800 Sales Volume) More than value for your MONEY! MIYO PRODUCT PACKAGES:

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Accident Insurance On-line Tracking Account Sales Kit 25% LIFETIME DISCOUNT Free Trainings/Orientation Premium: P100,000 with Privileged ID Advantage: P50,000 with Privileged ID 1,000 Discount Coupon MIYO OTHER INCLUSIONS:

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SRP(Envie) 1,800.00 Disc. Price 1,350.00 Profit 450.00 If you Sell 1 box in a day, you earn a total profit of P450.00/day or P13,500/month. 1. RETAIL PROFIT(25% mark-up) MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Premium 800.00 Advantage 400.00 Earn P800.00 for every Premium(P8,980.00) Package Sold and P400.00 for every Advantage (P4,980.00) Package sold. No limit on your DSI earnings. 2.DIRECT SALES INCENTIVE(DSI) 800.00 800.00 400.00 400.00 MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Premium 50.00 Earn P50.00 for every Premium(P8,980.00) package and P25.00 for every Advantage(P4,980.00) package sold from 3rd to 8th level. 3. INDIRECT SALES INCENTIVE(ISI) Direct Referral Advantage 25.00 25.00 25.00 50.00 50.00 25.00 (1st Level) (8th Level) MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Projection income using of power of 3 3. INDIRECT SALES INCENTIVE(ISI) MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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4. MATCHING INCENTIVES(MI) Premium IBOs earn P 2,000.00 incentives per 800 Sales Volume(SV) matched. Advantage IBOs earn P 1,000.00 incentives per 400 Sales Volume(SV) matched. A B MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Premium IBO illustration P2,000.00(1st) A B P2,000.00(2nd) P2,000.00(3rd) P2,000.00(4th) GC= P2,000.00(5th) INFINITY MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Premium IBO income A B MAXIMUM MATCHED SALES VOLUME(SV) of 8,000 daily, excess FLUSH-OUT 8,000 SV 8,000 SV Tuesday P 20,000.oo 12,000 SV 15,000 SV Wednesday P 20,000.oo 10,000 SV 11,500 SV Thursday P 20,000.oo 15,000 SV 12,000 SV Friday P 20,000.oo 19,000 SV 20,000 SV Sat/Sun/Mon P 20,000.oo Total Weekly P 100,000.oo MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Advantage IBO illustration P1,000.00(1st) A B P1,000.00(2nd) P1,000.00(3rd) P1,000.00(4th) GC= P1,000.00(5th) INFINITY MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Advantage IBO income A B MAXIMUM MATCHED SALES VOLUME(SV) of 4,000 daily, excess FLUSH-OUT 4,000 SV 4,000 SV Tuesday P 10,000.oo 6,000 SV 5,000 SV Wednesday P 10,000.oo 10,000 SV 7,500 SV Thursday P 10,000.oo 4,000 SV 15,000 SV Friday P 10,000.oo 9,000 SV 10,000 SV Sat/Sun/Mon P 10,000.oo Total Weekly P 50,000.oo MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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SAFETY NET: Excess of Maximum Matched Sales Volume(SV) is FLUSHED-OUT. Every 5th cycle matched is Gift Certificate base on your entry matched. 1 Leg Spill Over-thru Direct (Auto-placement). 5 Days Transaction only. Start: Tuesday; Cut-off: Monday; Check Release: Friday MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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A B X X 1 Leg Spill Over-thru Direct (Auto-placement).

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Personal Rebates: 10% based on Product’s Point Volume (PV) upon repeat purchase. C. An IBO must maintain 200 (PV) monthly on personal repeat purchase to qualify for rebates on his/her personal and total Group Point Value(GPV). 10% Rebates on your Total Group Point Value (GPV) down to your 8th level. An IBO must maintain at least 50 (PV) to LOCK-IN his/her position in the organization. GROUP SALES INCENTIVES (GSI) 5. Power line Uni-Level System MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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1st LEVEL Dealer must maintain 200 PV monthly Total GPV 100,000 Total GPV 60,000 Total GPV 40,000 Total Group PV 200,000 x 10% Total GSI = P20,000.00 8th LEVEL Power line Uni-Level System Illustration

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The Company will allocate one (1%) Per Cent from your total Group Point Value (TGPV) as My Points and converted into REWARDS. 6. MIYO REWARDS MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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A STARTER IBO is the initial starting for the business especially for those willing to be part of MIYO. STARTER(100 Sales Volume) P1,800.00 MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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1. Retail Profit(25%) 2. Direct Sales Incentive(DSI) P200.00 Cash Outright or Gift Certificate worth Of P360.00 4. Power line Uni-level System: Group Sales Incentive(GSI) 10% Personal & Group rebates and My Rewards Points 5. No Indirect Sales Incentives(ISI) for for upgraded Advantage or Premium. 3. Matching Incentives (MI) for every 100 SV match you earn P250.00 (see the illustration) MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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0 Starter IBO illustration P250.00 A B P1,o00.00 P2,000.00 INFINITY MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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Starter IBO income A B MAXIMUM MATCHED SALES VOLUME(SV) of 800 daily, excess FLUSH-OUT 800 SV 800 SV Tuesday P 2,000.oo 1,000 SV 800 SV Wednesday P 2,000.oo 2,000 SV 3,000 SV Thursday P 2,000.oo 1,000 SV 1,000 SV Friday P 2,000.oo 3,000 SV 4,000 SV Sat/Sun/Mon P 2,000.oo Total Weekly P 10,000.oo MIYO WAYS TO EARN:

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