How to change Honda snowblower's belt


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How to change Honda Snowblower HS55/HS70 Auger Belt:

How to change Honda Snowblower HS55/HS70 Auger Belt

Honda Snowblower HS55/70:

Honda Snowblower HS55/70 I have Honda HS70 and HS55 snowblowers. Both are over 20 years old. I am very happy with both snowblowers. I have faced the same problem like other Honda snowblower owners--the engine still runs great, but the belts need be changed.

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There is little information on the website about how to change the belts. Both my snowblower need auger belt be changed. So here I would like to share my experience to you. Hope it is helpful.

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The first problem I have is to find the right information about the belt size. You will need the frame SN number, which will help to determine the right size belt for your snowblower. Same model sometimes has different size belt. Make sure to choose the right type of your snowblower. TA(track drive) or WA (wheel drive).

Find right belt:

Find right belt There are a few good websites on the size of the belt. Use google to search Honda HS(model number) V-belt will bring up some websites. Be careful, some website provided the size info is not correct. You only found out after you have installed the belt. It happened to me before.

Find right belt:

Find right belt If the belt still have any information on it, you can google it first. The original Honda Belt will have info like “SB-32”, for example. If nothing you can found, you can cut the old belt and take to the shop, they will measure the outside length. Slightly bigger (1/4 inch) is OK but smaller will burn the belt. You also can buy the belt from Honda Power Equipments dealer, it will be expensive. But you have no headache about wrong size.

Safety First:

Safety First Make sure the engine is cold. Disconnect the sparkplug wire and remove the sparkplug to prevent of accidental engine start. Remove sparkplug also makes easier to rotate the belt pulley since the cylinder will not have

Please read before you start to take snowblower apart:

Please read before you start to take snowblower apart This slide show is to share my experience of changing the Honda snowblower’s auger belt. It does not means it is a guideline. So it is on your own risks of possible injuries, even death; and possible damage your snowblower if you decided to fix it by yourself.

First step:

First step Turn the engine off and remove the sparkplug. Let engine to cool down.

Remove the chute worm gear:

Remove the chute worm gear Use 12 mm wrench to loose the worm gear and detach the worm gear from chute. You only have to loose the 12 mm bolt.

Remove the wormgear of the chute:

Remove the wormgear of the chute Use 12 mm wrench to loose the bolt. Use 12 mm wrench to loose the bolt of the chute worm gear and detach the worm gear from chute.

Remove the belt plastic cover:

Remove the belt plastic cover Use 10mm socket to remove 4 bolts. After remove the cover, you will see the auger engine pulley in the front and drive pulley in the back. Both has tensioner.

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Use 10 mm socket to remove the plastic belt cover. Auger engine pulley Auger tensioner Auger belt Drive Belt

Remove the auger assembly bolts:

Remove the auger assembly bolts Use 12 mm socket and wrench to remove ten bolts. 2 on the top 6 on the side 2 on the bottom which not show.

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Remove ten 12 mm bolts. Here show one side, you can see one on the top, three on the side and one one the bottom (not show). Top Side bolt (3) Bottom bolt not show

Remove the auger assembly from snowblower body:

Remove the auger assembly from snowblower body I cut the old auger belt first. Pull the auger assemble off snowblower body. Depend on the size of your snowblower, you may need someone help to hold the snowblower body. If you did not cut the belt first, sometimes you need to loose the belt stopper to take the belt off.

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Separate auger assembly from the snowblower body. Auger break Belt stopper

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The picture shows the auger assembly off the body

Place the new belt:

Place the new belt The HS55 has the belt holder one each side which will hold the belt in the auger assembly. You need to loose the 10 mm bolts first in order to put the new belt on. On HS70, there is no belt holder.

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Belt holder Belt Holder Nut for bottom bolt Auger pulley, make sure it is on the top of auger break when reassemble.

Put auger assembly back to the body:

Put auger assembly back to the body If you have a helper, it will be easier to put the auger assembly back. I put two 12 mm bolts back on each side to temperaly hold the auger assembly. With the right size belt, it is very easy slip the auger belt over the auger engine pulley. If not, the belt is too small. The belt look loose on the pulley. Make sure the auger break is under the auger pulley.

Test the new belt:

Test the new belt Install the sparkplug and start the engine. Engage the auger clutch level and see how the auger turns.


Adjustment When engage auger clutch level, the auger should start to turn when the level tip to handle’s distance about 3.75 inch. If the auger turn without engage the auger clutch, that means the belt is too small. The best way to make sure the right size is measure the old belt which was cut. Measure end to end distance of outside of the belt.


Adjustment You can adjust the position of the auger tensioner. Or you can adjust the cable adjust nuts.

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Loose the nut of auger tensioner, you can adjust its position. Move it to the right will increase tension. Auger tensioner

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Use 10 mm wrench to adjust the cable tension, move the cable downwards will increase the tension.

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Measure the distance of the tip of auger clutch level to handle bar, make sure the auger starts to turn when the distance is about 3.75 inch.

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The auger should start to turn when auger clutch level depressed and tip to handle bar’s distance is about 3.75 inch (3 3/4 inch)

Final test:

Final test To get the tension right of the auger clutch level, you may need a few try. Now you can put all the 12 mm bolts back to secure the auger assembly to snowblower body. Test the snowblower. If you are happy with the new belt, you can put the plastic belt cover back and you are done. Write down the right size of the belt for feature reference.

Tips for bottom bolts :

Tips for bottom bolts The bottom plate of the HS70 tends to separate from the body after the bottom bolts were removed. I placed a 2x4 under the bottom plate to support the snowblower and it made to put the bolts back much easier.

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