Welcome to the Sunshine State

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Welcome to the Sunshine State! : 

Welcome to the Sunshine State! An Ethnography presented by Jeanne Musgrove EPI 0030 Diversity

Who Are Floridians? : 

Who Are Floridians? What percentage of Florida’s population is physically/mentally challenged? What is Florida’s ethnic breakdown? What is Florida’s gender breakdown? How many Florida households are headed by a single parent? What information can you find regarding major religions represented in Florida? Christian Jewish Muslim What percentage of Florida households speak a primary language other than English? Hindu Buddhist Non-believer/Atheist Other you would like to include What is the economic breakdown of Florida’s families? How many families are considered to be: Upper class Upper middle class Middle class Lower middle class Working class Poor ¾ of Floridians are white with the remainder being almost equally divided among Hispanics and African Americans

Men are from Mars Women are from Florida : 

Men are from Mars Women are from Florida Women out number men in Florida but not by much… boys start out strong but by early adulthood women take the lead and keep it currently…. Women Men 9,718,820 vs. 9,323,731 ………..it’s a girl thing.

How we live… : 

How we live… 637,995 or about 33% of families are headed by a single parent.* 9% of families live below the poverty line 16-20% of children live below the poverty line http://www.naccrra.org/randd/data/docs/FL.pdf

How much is middle class? : 

How much is middle class? The Median income for the state of Florida is $45,000 Low income is considered $17,441 or less Middle Income is considered $47,000 High Income is considered $130,840

What we believe….. : 

What we believe…..

We are Florida : 

We are Florida Florida’s unique environmental and political structure makes this state one of the most unique in the country. From the panhandle in the middle of the Bible Belt to Key West less than 90 miles from Cuba, Florida is a picture of diversity.

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