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Democratic Republic of Congo : 

Democratic Republic of Congo Presented by the Nkashama’s UAB Diversity Passport World Tour October 5, 2010

Democratic Republic of Congo : 

Democratic Republic of Congo

Slide 5: 

Capital city: Kinshasa ~69 million people Official language: French Other languages: Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili Over 300 ethnic groups (i.e. 300+ languages)

Urban center : 

Downtown Kinshasa Urban center

DRC : 

Lies on the equator Hot & humid in the river basin Cool & dry in the southern highlands Cold, alpine climate in the Ruwenzori mountains Many different types of terrain Rainforest Mountains Plains & savanna Grasslands Rivers (the Congo river is the biggest) DRC

Congo River rainforest : 

Congo River rainforest

Virunga mountains with plains : 

Virunga mountains with plains

Virunga grasslands : 

Virunga grasslands

Unique Wildlife : 

Unique Wildlife Okapi Mountain gorilla 1,500+ unique species of plants & animals Forest elephant

Slide 12: 

Natural resources are abundant! Diamonds Gold Gems (emeralds) Minerals Metals Computer-based technology is being supplied by minerals mined in the DRC. Cellphones and Computers Game systems columbite-tantalite, or coltan Cassiterite

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Food Fufu, rice, etc cassava, spinach, etc fish, chicken, etc

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The Arts : 

Hand-carved items Paintings Textiles Cinema Dance Literature The Arts

DRC Music : 

DRC Music “Joly” Democratic Republic of Congo music



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