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If you have built your house your own, you may know the types of doors available in the market today. Among all the materials, FRP products manufacturers India are the best to invest.


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If you have built your house your own you may know the types of doors available in the market today. Among all the materials FRP products manufacturers India are the best to invest. There are several types of doors and windows that you can either manufacture or can buy from the market vendors at fixed price. Based on the type of materials used for fabricating these products we bring major features benefits and losses to help you in decision making.  Wooden doors and windows Timber or wood is a traditional material used by people for manufacturing windows and doors. Its main advantage is easy availability and manufacturing. You can call your local carpenter and give him the design you want and avail customized door. Currently you can avail large varieties of wood in the market. All the woods have different lifespan and cost. You can use them for all locations in the house and outside the house. Timber is famous across the world for making doors and windows.

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 Battened and ledged doors Battened and ledged doors are the easiest ones used by public since ages. Such doors can be either braced or famed and braced to bring rigidity and great looks altogether.  Framed and paneled doors Framed and paneled doors are usually used in the houses. The frames are designed with wood and shutter panels with timber block board plywood hardboard and other harder stuff. You can avail numerous designs for panels. This is why you can get designer doors that look great inside your house. Some manufacturers make panels from glass. Such doors come under paneled and glazed category. More flexible designs can be made by manufacturers on request.  Flush doors A flush door has a smooth finish. These doors have plywood or medium density fiberboard attached on the timber frame which is relatively light in weight. The hollow core is often filled by manufacturers using a cardboard core material. The frames for flush doors can be designed using wood steel and other materials that are strong enough to hold its weight.  Glass doors Glass doors are indoor products that can be made out of glass for specific areas. They look unique and aesthetic but at the same time you need a lot of money and time for maintenance. These doors are heavier than usual doors. Now come to the FRP doors. FRP doors are robust aesthetic in appearance costly yet maintenance free durable long-lasting and everything else you can imagine You can get them from fiberglass products manufacturers India in your town. This Article is Originally Published on:

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