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Sell your used iPhone for cash through We provide an easy way to send us your iPhone and issue fast payments. Check out your offer!


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Welcome to RECYCLE YOUR ELECTRONICS FOR CASH Getting paid is easy. Select your device and view our offer.

slide 2: Who We Are and What We Do We know that it’s tough to part ways with your device. You and your phone have been on plenty of adventures together building a relationship to the point where you’re pretty much inseparable. We also know that you don’t just sell your phone or tablet to any ol’ place online you care about your device and want to feel comfortable with where it ends up. Our goal is to extend the life cycle of devices we receive by refurbishing and redistributing them. If we can’t refurbish them we’ll recycle them responsibly so that we do our part in eliminating e-waste. We’re not just a building with scavengers who want to take your money and run heck we don’t even need payment for our services. We are the one’s paying you And we don’t skimp out on payment either. We believe we offer the most competitive prices for used mobile devices on the web and constantly check to make sure we continue to do so. After all at the end of the day that’s what you’re

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most concerned about. Throughout your entire selling process you won’t have to spend a dime.  Shipping box Done.  Packing materials Included.  Return label We’ve got you covered. So who is anyway Our culture can be narrowed down to three simple words: Tech. Work. Fun. Let’s face it technology fuels our operation. It’s no surprise that our office is filled with people who stay up to date with the latest in mobile device and tablet technology compare specs between different devices and mark their calendars for the next big Apple event. It’s that love of technology that makes it easy for us to treat the mobile devices we receive with care and not like junk. We’re a close knit group and collectively share the idea of believing in people. It’s how we operate. Whether it’s our employees customers or those who just have a question we love engaging with others. It’s not just something we say it’s seen in our high customer support satisfaction and willingness to help anyone who reaches out to us to the fullest. Go ahead and give us a call you won’t be greeted with an automated machine you’ll get a real live well-spoken person. We’re not robots we’re people just like you Work defines us but fun describes us. When we aren’t fine-tuning our craft we like to enjoy each other’s company and get outside Being located in Newport Beach California enables plenty of fun activities at our fingertips.

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So when you’re getting ready to sell your iPhone iPad or any other mobile device keep in mind. You can be sure you’ll be taken care of that you’re payment will be high and that the process will be hassle-free. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any reason we’d be happy to help Contact Us: 4100 Newport Pl. Dr. Suite 450 Newport Beach CA 92660 Phone: 949-397-2955 Email:

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