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IF YOU WANT TO WIN, CHEATNew English File OUPMarisa de Dios : 

IF YOU WANT TO WIN, CHEATNew English File OUPMarisa de Dios They watched TV from 3:00 to 5:00 When I arrived, they __________ TV He left the office at 7:00. She phoned him at 8:00 When she phoned him, he ___________ I studied for the exam the night before. The exam didn’t go well. The exam didn’t go well although I ________ the night before. WERE WATCHING HAD ALREADY LEFT HAD STUDIED

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He cycled to work this morning. In the middle of his journey, he had an accident When he ________ to work this morning, he had an accident He only had five lessons. He passed his driving test. When he passed his driving test, he ________ (only) five lessons. WAS CYCLING HAD ONLY HAD

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I _________ (wait) to play tennis yesterday when my partner _________ (call) me to say he _________ (not come) because his car _________ (break down). WAS WAITING CALLED COULDN’T COME HAD BROKEN DOWN

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Ireland _________ (beat) England yesterday. England _________ (win) 1:0 in the first half but Ireland _________ (score) two goals in the second half. BEAT WERE WINNING SCORED

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We were late. When we _________ (arrive) everyone _________ (finish) their lunch and they _________ (sit) in the garden having coffee. ARRIVED HAD FINISHED WERE SITTING

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I _________ (run) to the statin but the six o’clock train _________ (already/leave). The station _________ (be) empty except for three people who _________ (wait) for the next train. RAN HAD ALREADY LEFT WAS WERE WAITING

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It _________ (start) raining when he _________ (walk) to work. He _________ (stop) a taxi because he _________ (not wear) a coat and he _________ (not have) an umbrella STARTED WAS WALKING STOPPED WAS NOT WEARING DIDN’T HAVE

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