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Quality control : 

Quality control Mª Luisa de Dios Perrino EOI Valencia, Spain eoimarisa@gmail.com Powerpoint based on exercises from Market Leader, Longman

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The product was two years ago Shortly after that, complaints were received about its _______ and _________ Because of market feedback, it was __________ so that any faults could be investigated. At the same time, it was withdrawn from sale After extensive tests, a fault was ______________ by engineers As a result, they were able to correct the fault and the product was __________ It was then _______ under controlled conditions Finally, the redesigned product was _________ in the market Unfortunately, it ________ due to lack of consumer confidence caused by bad publicity Put these words into the gaps: LAUNCHED IDENTIFIED RE-LAUNCHED RELIABILITY MODIFIED FAILED DURABILITY TESTED RECALLED RELIABILITY DURABILITY RECALLED IDENTIFIED FAILED TESTED RELAUNCHED MODIFIED LAUNCHED

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Problems Customer service Quality control NOW PUT THESE WORDS WITH THE CORRECT HEADING Defects Routine checks Goodwill payment Warranty Flaws Compensation Inspection Zero defect Monitoring Minimum Standard After sales care Faults Consumer satisfaction questionnaire flaws routine checks defects fault monitoring inspection zero defects minimum standard goodwill payment after sales care warranty compensation questionnaire consumer satisfaction

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