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Amanda Becak:

Amanda Becak

Physical appearance :

Physical appearance Female green hair with bangs Glasses/contact lenses “olive” skin Brown eyes Style-retro Height-5-9” Weight-140 lbs.

Intellectual/mental personality attributes :

Intellectual/mental personality attributes K-9 basic education obedience school Intelligent Confident Learning experiences from family and taking care of animals Perceived as smart and loud by others Long term goals- college, university, study accounting, marriage, children,

Actions :

Actions Corrects teachers Overly willing to participate when it is not needed Misses spots when dying hair Has contacts but still manages to miss spots

Future Plans:

Future Plans Move to Vancouver and study accounting Write a book Get married Have kids Get rich and famous

Past Achievements :

Past Achievements Won the Marilyn Dirsh award Won citizen ship award, held a special diner Won band award for clarinet Honor roll School service award

Character traits :

Character traits Devoted Sincere Cynical Naïve Messy Kind Clumsy

Family/background :

Family/background Mother-Vera Father-Jerry Brother-Chris Nationality-Czech/Canadian Birth date- April 25 2002 Age- 14 Full name- Amanda Janet Becak

Emotional Characteristics :

Emotional Characteristics Introvert Gets angry easily Wants to get the most she can out of life Gets happy when she succeeds Extremely judgmental of others Generally rude emotionally stable

Favorite things about school:

Favorite things about school Math Correcting teachers Lockers Food Friends

Dialogue :

Dialogue Common phrases- “you know what”, “did they?”, “they one hundred percent…”, “to be fair…”, “okay but really”, “that’s what I meant” “hella”, “says you” Speaking style is a mix of sounding beyond her years and stuck in the past

Interests/hobbies :

Interests/hobbies Books (specifically Game Of Thrones) Video games (specifically Portal 2) Cats Writing Sleeping Watching television (specifically Game Of Thrones)

Animals :

Animals Five cats One dog Spike-9 (cat (gray tabby)) Cookie-2 (cat (black and white, sibling to Luna and Nugget)) Midnight-7 (cat (black and furry)) Nugget-2 (cat (black and white, sibling to L una and cookie)) Luna-2 (cat (black and white, sibling to Nugget and cookie)) Diesel- 1 1/2 (dog (black and tan))

Unhealthy candy interest :

Unhealthy candy interest Rockets Life savers Cherries Skittles Rainbow strips Reese’s pieces Suckers Jelly beans

Sports :

Sports Badminton Soccer Swimming Ballet (as a child) Rock climbing

Sources :

Sources All information retrieved from the source herself Instagram (pictures)

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