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Get the best quality Surgical Mask made up of high quality and light fabric material for all weather. We are certified 3 ply face mask manufacturers in India. We provide a reasonable price of Surgical Mask in India. Contact us for large orders and get delivery anywhere in India. Call us or visit www.enviroprotectivegear.com


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PPE kits/Personal Protective Equipment We manufacture the best quality PPE Kits with low PPE Kit Price for you. We are one of the most trusted PPE Suppliers in India because of your trusted services and quality product. Our  Personal Protective Equipment  contain 1 coveralls with shoe cover, 1 Set Nitrile Gloves, Goggles/Shield, Disposable Bag, 1 - 3 ply Face Mask. Seams sealed at every point through tapes. PPE Kits available in 3 categories Medium, Advanced and Premium. We offers you effective PPE kit price in India with best quality, we already became a family of hundreds of customers through our PPE Kits and aiming to expand that family .

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N95 Face Mask with 5 layered Triple Filtration Protection from dust, pollutants, airborne particles, and liquid contaminating your face by N95 Face Mask . The N95 protective masks rating of these masks help block up to 95% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.  These  N95 Masks  are reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all atmospheric conditions, keeping breathability and luxury in mind, the EN95 reusable outdoor mask/respirator keeps you safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate, and smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires, etc.

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Face Mask - Designer Face Masks for Youth Face Mask will be now part of our life and fashion, so why not start with Designer Face Mask . Since 2012 we understand the need of our every single customer even our youth. Check out here our summer collection of eco friendly - Designer Face Mask So here at Enviro Protective Gear, we offer summer collection of lightweight Designer Face Masks for our youth -  Face Masks  for men, women, and kids, at the best price. it is not only Fancy Mask, but they also come with 3 layered protection of  Cotton   Face Mask  with a trendy design to suit every look of yours. 

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It is not only Fancy Mask, but they also come with 3 layered protection of  Cotton   Face Mask  with a trendy design to suit every look of yours.  Elegant Flower, Indian designer, Western design creative and fine arts on  Mouth Mask  is designed and made in India. All kinds of design suitable for Adults, kids, men, or women  Cotton   Face Mask  with filter pocket derm protection handmade  Face Mask Manufacturers in India . Designer Face Masks  are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor. With amazing Velcro mechanism technology, we make a comfortable  Face Mask  in which it is easy to breathe and speak . This  Cotton   Face Mask  comes with a 3 layered filtration system with an : External hydrophobic layer , which resists water, blood and body fluids, and Pollution.  The  middle layer  is designed to filter out to filter bacteria and purify your inhaling air. Inner hydrophilic layer , that helps you by absorbing water, sweat, and spits to save your face from getting wet.   

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Benefits of Designer Face Masks Flexi fit neck strap to improved comfort, Easy to wear and handle, Comfortable breathing, Maximum protection, with wider face coverage, Enhanced protection with an adjustable nose clip, Soft , elastic ear loops for extra comfort, Minimal eyewear fogging, Low heat build up, Easy storage with convenient flat fold design, Washable and reusable, Value for money

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Surgical Mask/3 ply Face Mask Manufacturers in India We are Certified 3 ply Surgical Face Mask Manufacturers in India  with the highest safety standards. Our Surgical mask comes with   a heat seal and nose wire that will give you full cover and comfort even in hot temptation . They are specially designed and manufactured businesses, hospitals, factories, and workshops to ensure the safety of every member.  We provide wholesale  Surgical Mask Price  in a bulk sale to help everyone in this pandemic of Covid-19. These  Medical Masks  also comes with amazing Velcro mechanism technology, to make it more comfortable  Surgical Mask  in which it is easy to breathe and speak . Medical Masks  are built with lightweight material to make comfortable for all weather with fabric cutting UV rays protection, wind, heat, cold, etc. It also keeps you safe from smog, fog, dust, vehicle exhaust, smells, allergens, air pollution, and humidity. Suitable for camping, cycling, running, climbing, travel, and daily use.

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Best Collection Of: Embrace the new normal and stay safe Order Now - www.enviroprotectivegear.com

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