Events Related To Cryptocurrency And Chindia

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Events Related to Cryptocurrency And Chindia Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are something that has revolutionized finance in our country. We hear so many rumors and truths related to this topic each day. Crypto news has been broadcasted throughout the county. One of the facts is that more and more companies are being attracted by this bitcoin technology. Sometimes we hear about someone being cheated by some fake Crypto brokers and sometimes some good news about the positive impact Cryptocurrency have made in our country. Latest Events The latest of the Crypto News is that the auto industry is looking for a vendor management system in Bitcoin technology. Vijay Sethi the chief information officer of Hero Motocorp said that they are now looking at how to put this on the blockchain. There is also been some bad news about a well know person under investigation for 2000 crore rupees bitcoin scam. Dialog 2018 One of the most spread news related to this business field is India China News. Chindia TMT Dialog conference 2018 is one of the most discussed topics recently. This is the biggest conference that bridges India and China. More than 500 Indian companies more than 300 overseas Chinese companies and hundreds of investors from India

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and China will participate in this conference. There will be more than a thousand people attending the function. The conference will take place on 28 th September 2018 at the JW Marriot Aerocity. The whole purpose of this conference is to build a bridge of technological relationship between India and China as both as Kind of similar nations in terms of technology and Business. Both are the largest growing economies in the world. It is also a big opportunity for investors entrepreneurs and technology leaders in both countries to interact with each other discuss their ideas and to create a productive relationship between both countries. China TMT Dialog conference 2017 was also a big success. Entrackr:- Email Us:-

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