Deliver Better Governance Through Improved Phone Systems


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Are you in charge of any government agency or the top boss in any government office? Then its time you look into the pathetic condition of the internal communication system you use. With growing workload, does it makes sense to continue with these archaic phone systems on your desks? Call EntirelyBiz at +1 855-754-4233 to discuss more about VOIP based government phone systems, not to mention we also provide on-site assistance!


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Deliver Better Governance Through Improved Phone Systems Governments across the worlds at least in the democratic countries are there for a reason – to manage and facilitate the use of resources available in the country in the best interest of the people who elected them on the first place. Typically there are cycles of 5 years after a government is being elected and people tend to measure their performance during those years. If they deliver good governance that is if they do their job well then there are great chances of the same political parties being re-elected to power. Otherwise they are replaced by someone else on whom people put their faith for the next 5 years or so. No matter how much trickery and dirty politics is being played by the politicians during their time in power they face the consequences in the form of verdicts from the electorate. Thus it is imperative to deliver good governance no matter what Now it is for the elected governments that is the set of chosen politicians and the government officials who has to understand how to deliver good governance. They must not forget that

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amidst all the glory and immense power they get to enjoy courtesy the electorates verdict it is the people and their problems which they ought to solve to the best of their abilities. That is the crux of their power game – solving the problems of people. Now the government runs in a decentralized manner – there is indeed a top office for everything but generally the regional small offices are the ones which serves as the instrument of delivering the services that people want from their governments. Unfortunately in spite of their immense importance they are often forced to operate on a crunch budget though these offices at regional and city levels are the lifeline of government facilitated services for the common citizens. All the glamorous things and attention is given to the top offices which is rarely of direct use to any of the ordinary citizens. This is where the problem amplifies – the negligence of top officials on the infrastructure of the localized offices especially regarding the tools necessary to effectively communicate with people let alone inside the offices. There is a single office with 50 odd staff and 5 telephone connections to communicate with the ordinary citizens and the office takes care of anything between 50000 to 500000 people depending on the population density of the region. This is a tremendous workload and the officials in that office have little or no tool to tackle their job responsibilities. People calls these offices with various inquires some general and some specific some may be to update the status of their application or complaint – every single day these government offices gets a lot of telephone calls. Apart from that there are the internal calls from one cubicle to the other between various officials and the communication with other offices of government. However there are very few telephone systems or few people to handle the calls that floods these offices almost on a daily basis. A fraction of them is heard and answered and the rest of the citizens demanding service has to wait and try their luck. This is unacceptable in modern societies given everybodys time is valuable and they deserve the services from the government in a hassle-free manner. The answer to these woes are VOIP based telephone systems for government offices often dubbed as government phone systems. These phones makes it possible to make voice calls through the internet which brings down the telephone bills for the government offices. Also there are usually many standard features bundled – toll-free numbers virtual receptionist voice message recording call scheduler and reminder multi-party conference calls and intuitive dashboards to control all of these from computers and smartphones with internet connections. The government offices still has to cover a lot of ground and do their job sincerely. But such tools can definitely solve a lot of their problems and increase their efficiency. As a end result people get what they deserve from their governments and this leads to happier democracies.

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