Stepwise Guide to Add and Configure a Product in Magento

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A Stepwise Guide to Add and Configure a Product in Magento Magento is the most popular online market system that offers comprehensive ecommerce solutions while enhancing marketability and efficacy of an online store. Different products by Magento give emphasis on various aspects of an online store very efficiently. Catalog management product addition and configuration automatic inventory management and many more are just basic features of Magento. So you can very well figure out its extent of applicability in ecommerce sector. Magento offers complete features that ensure success of your online business ventures while maintaining its simplicity in usage which is its USP. In this article we take a look at a very simple feature of Magento store which is how to add and configure products. Here is the step by step guide to the same.  Log-in to Admin Panel. It is fairly easy. For the first timers add /admin to your Magento website URL and reload the page. Then type your username and password to log in to your administrator panel.  Open "Catalog" drop-down menu. On the top menu youll see "catalog" menu. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear.  On the drop down menu click on the option "Manage Products" which will open in a new window.  On the top right side of "Manage Products" page click on "Add Products" button. This will open in a new window as well.  Now in the header section youll notice an option of "Create Product Settings" with two field tags "Attribute Type" and "Product Type". At first "Attribute Type" has Default in its text box whereas "Product Type" has Simple Product written in its text box.

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You can modify the options in "Product Type" field tag by clicking the drop down arrow in text field. It opens up to show a number of options such as Simple Product Grouped Product Configurable Product Virtual Product Bundle Product and Downloadable Product. As a tutorial we start with Simple Product option.  After selecting the Simple Product option from the drop down menu click "Continue" opening a new product page with default attribute.  Locate the header "General" which opens up to reveal different fields such as Name Description Short Description SKU Weight Set Product as New From Date Set Product as New To Date Status URL Key Visibility Country of Manufacture In Feed and Featured Product with their respective empty fields.  Enter name of product in "Name" field.  Click "Save and Continue Edit" button on top right corner of page to save the changes. Similarly update rest of the fields with specifications of the product you want to add and save the changes likewise.  Now locate option "Status" and select option "Enabled" from the drop down menu.  Make sure the Visibility field contains "Visibility Search" option. Open the Featured Product field and select "Yes".  Now open Meta Information Page by clicking "Meta Information" on LHS of panel.  To add images for the added product click "Images" on LHS of panel.  To update inventory click "Inventory" option on LHS of panel and update "Qty" with the number of products in stock say 10 or 20 and set "Availability" option at the bottom of the page as "In Stock".  To categorize the added product click “Categories” on the LHS of the main page and select the category as you wish by checking the box near the respective category in the new page that appears.  Set the price of added product by clicking "Prices" on LHS of main panel and add necessary specifications in appropriate fields.

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There you are. Follow these simple steps to easily add and configure a product in your Magento ecommerce website. Hopefully we have been of assistance in providing you with the necessary knowledge in comprehensible manner. 647-390-1000

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