Best hearing aid services in New York

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ENT and Allergy provide best hearing aid services in New York.


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ENT and Allergy Hearing Aids Professionals for Hearing Loss Corporate Office:  ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP 660 White Plains Road, 4th Floor Tarrytown, NY 10591 Tel: (914) 333-5800 Fax: (914) 333-2540 mail: Website:

How can we help you?:

How can we help you? At ENTA we treat Ear, Nose, Throat, Mouth,Allergies,Facial Plastics and Reconstruction,Thyroid , Parathyroid ,Head & Neck Surgery ,Sleep Services around NJ & NY areas. Ears Ear Infections ( Otitis Media) Swimmer’s Ear ( Otitis Externa ) Ear Noises (Tinnitus) Ear Wax Hearing Loss Dizziness Pediatrics Nose Post-nasal Drip Nasal Congestion Nosebleeds Sinus Problems Sinusitis Pediatrics Cosmetic Nasal Surgery Smell and Taste Disorders Throat and Mouth Cough Swallowing Breathing Voice Throat Mucous/Tickle/ Lump Sensation Burning Pediatrics

How can we help you?:

How can we help you? Allergies Facial Plastics and Reconstruction Thyroid , Parathyroid and Head & Neck Surgery Asthma Atopic Dermatitis Contact Dermatitis Eye Allergies Food Allergies Immune Deficiency Insect Sting (ex: Bee Sting) Urticaria (Hives) Pediatrics Cosmetic Nasal Surgery Facelifts and Aging Face Eyelifts Botox and Facial Fillers Hair Transplants Pediatrics Parathyroid Disease Neck Masses Salivary Gland Disease Thyroid Disease

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How can we help you? Sleep Health and Wealthness Center Obstructive Sleep Apnea Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) Insomnia REM Behavior Disorder (RBD) Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep (PLMS) and Restless Leg Syndrome Educational Videos Handouts News & Press Published Works Youtube Channels

Office Location in New York:

Office Location in New York ENTA has 40 office locations in New York and New Jersey. Bronx, NY Address: 1200 Waters Place, Ste 110, 1st Floor, Bronx, NY, 10461 Tel: (718) 863-4366 Fax: (718) 863-9743 Practice Site Administrator: Zhama Bremnor For Details: Bay Ridge East, NY Address: 802 64th St, 3rd Floor, suite 3A-E, Brooklyn, NY 11220 Tel: (718) 748-5225 Fax: (718) 680-8360 Practice Site Administrator: Eliseo Caban For Details:

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Office Location in New Jersey Hackensack, NJ Address: 433 Hackensack Ave, The Continental Plaza, 2nd floor, suite 204, Hackensack, NJ 07601 Tel: (201) 883-1062 Fax: (201) 883-9297 Practice Site Administrator: Ann Marie McGlone For Details: Hoboken, NJ Address: 79 Hudson Street, Suite 303, Hoboken, NJ 07030 Tel: (201) 792-1109 Fax: (201) 792-1145 Practice Site Administrator: Heather Valmonte For Details:

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