Flooding in third world Countries

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Flooding in third world Countries:

Flooding in third world Countries By: Enrique Sanchez

How floods Occur:

How floods Occur water overflows on usually dry land Excessive rain ice melting Ruptured river bank

Types of flooding:

Types of flooding Coastal Flooding Storm surge Flash flood Inland flood

Dangers of Flooding :

Dangers of Flooding Water and land can be contaminated (Mold) Outbreak of diseases Hazardous material and clean up left behind Destruction of whole towns Death

Why are those in poverty more Susceptible?:

Why are those in poverty more Susceptible? Modest homes made of clay, brick, metal, etc. Poor infrastructure Lack of supplies Other things to worry about Lack of government


Example Relentless rainfall Thousands lost their homes, some even their life Forces government to focus attention on infrastructure

Preventing flooding:

Preventing flooding Beach nourishment (Philippines) Minimizing possibility by building dams Computer modeling Levees

How the U.S compares in flood damage:

How the U.S compares in flood damage United States Nations in Poverty $6 Billion in damages 160 dead each year $3 trillion in damages Hundreds of thousands (many uncounted for)


Conclusion Flooding is one of the most dangerous natural disasters Those who have less are more prone Spread flood awareness cumulative effort Humans desire to live by the coastline

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