Popular Myths Pertaining to DevOps

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Dev refers to development and Ops refers to operations related to IT environment management. Let’s understand what actually is DevOps, how does it work.


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Popular Myths Pertaining To DevOps Not many people know about this simple function called DevOps. There are many misconceptions attached to DevOps. Let’s understand what actually is DevOps how does it work We will also cast light on myths related to DevOps so that from now onwards you will have some practical pointers to discuss in your business meetings. What is DevOps In simple language Dev refers to development and Ops refers to operations related to ​IT environment management ​. It is a commitment to regulate both development and operations towards the set of common goals. The main objective behind DevOps is to deliver continuous software to the clients without any kind of errors.

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Process Of DevOps Before explaining the myths let’s understand the major three ways of DevOps: Flow Feedback and Observation 1. Flow To accomplish progress in DevOps the most important factor is Flow. To achieve continuous flow requires investment in tooling and automation. Other things to be done are fast-run of units test a smattering of unit test and lastly journey test. This whole setup is termed as “Testing Pyramid.” 2. Feedback Good flow of the DevOps requires regular feedback. To move forward with the process one thing is a must that there are no errors or problems in the work. Maybe the code must have some bugs or there are some serious

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problems in the software which is degrading its performance. These things can be avoided in the early process. “Shift left” implies where the testing is done on a priority basis. 3. Observation It is important to know that DevOps is not a destination and it is a constant refinement of the process towards early delivery of the software. As more team members would be added productivity will go up. Observation of the process can be done by having production analytics. It is to be done at periodic intervals. Myths Attached to DevOps As we discussed earlier there are lots of myths that are completely false and must get updated now 1. DevOps is a Role

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DevOps can be practiced in an organization can be taught to the team but one cannot higher professional only for DevOps. In simple words DevOps is a function and it is not a duty or a designation. 2. DevOps is Tooling Developers are often using several tools and DevOps are considered as one of the tools myth. DevOps ideas are implemented in the work which includes both technical and non-technical aspects but it is basically not a tool. Tools are those which are used in implementing the DevOps. There is infrastructure as code tools that helps spinning up a new machine in clouds and also there are various testing tools that check the speed of the apps. 3. DevOps Replaces Ops Implementing DevOps is not a critical task. You need a whole team with the knowledge of DevOps and functions related to other ​IT environment management tools ​. ​Having comprehensive knowledge about operations and development is not possible so there will be a requirement of individuals with different specialties and interests. Everyone’s goal in the company must be thriving towards faster delivery of high-quality software. 4. DevOps is for Modern System Anyone who says that DevOps is only for the modern system needs to learn more about it. DevOps can be used in multi-platform by the whole team whether they are concerned with operations or development. There are no limitations in applying DevOps for a company and there must be a simultaneous flow of work to undertake it.

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Final Thought So now you are well-aware of four myths which you have to avoid. Hopefully now you are able to churn more pointers for your next discussion about DevOps. Every company can easily implement DevOps in enhancing their business. This will help them to win the trust of existing clients resulting in more profits. If the DevOps is performed strategically there would be no chance of errors and bugs in the software. Moreover if you are looking for distinct solutions regarding DevOps contact Enov8 ​. Contact Us Company Name : Enov8 Contact Person : Ashley Hosking Address : Level 5 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000 New South Wales Australia. Phones : +61 2 8916 6391 Fax : +61 2 9437 4214 Website :- ​https://www.enov8.com

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