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“Enterprise IT Intelligence” is fundamentally the embracement of certain activities and the capture of key information that supports the management of your IT Delivery Lifecycle and your IT Solutions.Read here for IT Test Environment Management.


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What is Enterprise IT Intelligence We have all heard of the term Business Intelligence BI coined in 1865 in the Cyclopaedia   of   Commercial   and   Business   Anecdotes   and   described   more recently   by   Gartner   as   “an   umbrella   term   that   includes   the   applications infrastructure and tools and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance”. An area that has continued to evolve and even diverge into specific “industry” sector such as Finance or Healthcare or specific operational sectors like sales and accounting. With that in mind and the growing importance of digital as the backbone of business isn’t it time IT Departments had their own equivalent Here at Enov8 we think so and in response we developed our EcoSystem platform. Enov8 EcoSystem is the world first complete “Enterprise IT Intelligence” Solution. Business Intelligence for your IT Organization An umbrella platform which allows you to capture “holistic” real­time information across your IT Landscape IT Test Environment Management Data Releases  Operations with the intent of streamlined analysis end­to­end insight improved decision making and ultimately leading to better operations orchestration and continual optimization.

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So what is Enterprise IT Intelligence Well like its overarching parent Business Intelligence “Enterprise IT Intelligence” is fundamentally   the   embracement   of  certain   activities   and   the   capture   of  key information that supports the management of your IT Delivery Lifecycle and your IT Solutions. Key Activities:  Information Discovery  Information Aggregation Mapping / Relating Data  Reporting  Dashboarding Historical  Real­Time  Event Alerting  Notification  Information Consolidation i.e. Grouping e.g. By Team or System or Function  Measurement e.g. Key Performance Indicators  Prioritize Identify Best Opportunities  Optimize Collaboration / Act Upon the Data   Key Success Factors: There are three critical areas organizations should address before embarking on an “Enterprise IT Intelligence” Project.  Ensure commitment from senior stakeholders e.g. CIO CFO  IT Executive Managers  Identify benefits of implementing such a solution. Think Cost Agility Stability  Quality.  Understand where valuable information resides and understand data gaps. Key Information The following is a selection of information that you might want to consider as part of implementing an Enterprise IT Intelligence solution:

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Your Data “Information Points”  Think   Data­Sources   Databases   Grids   Structure   Content   PII   Risks   Relationships  Think People e.g. Data Subject Matter Experts DBAs  Data Scientists  Think Data Delivery Operations like ETL Fabrication  Security Masking Your Applications “Information Points”  Think   Lifecycle   Lanes   Systems   Instances   Components   Interfaces   Relationships  Think   People   e.g.   Ent/Solution   Architects   System   Owners     Application Developers  Think Application Delivery Operations like Design Build Release  Test Your Infrastructure “Information Points”  Think Servers Clusters Swarms Cloud  Network Firewalls Router  Load Balancers.  Think People e.g. Infrastructure Network  Cloud Architects  Engineers  Think   Infrastructure   Delivery   Operations   like   Provision   Configure   Decommission  Your Tool Chain Project/Release   Planning   Collaboration   Architecture   Tools   Configuration Management   Version   Control   Application   Build   Continuous   Integration Packaging   Deployment   Infrastructure   as   Code   Data   Integration/ETL  IT   Test Environment   Management   Test   Automation   Issue   Tracking   IT   Service Management Logging  Monitoring. Benefits of Enterprise IT Intelligence The potential benefits  of an  Enterprise  IT Intelligence  platform include  spotting problems early trend behavioural analysis accelerating and improving decision­ making optimizing internal IT processes increasing operational efficiency being agile at scale driving IT cost optimization and gaining competitive advantage over your competition by providing better service and delivering solutions quicker.

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Learn More If you want to learn more about implementing Enterprise IT Intelligence then speak to enov8 about our Ecosystem Solution. Enov8 EcoSystem is a complete platform that   takes   information   from   across   the   IT   Spectrum   and   helps   you   better understand and manage your IT Fabric Applications Data  Infrastructure IT Operations  and Orchestrate them effectively.  Contact Us Company Name  : Enov8 Contact Person    : Niall Crawford Address                 : Level 5 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000 New                                        South Wales Australia                    Phones                : +61 2 8916 6391 Website                  : https://www.enov8.com

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