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An extensible IT test environment management platform promoting transparency, governance & operational streamlining. EcoSystem EM is an end-to-end and extensible IT & Test Environment Management framework promoting transparency and productivity through an uplift in Test environment governance and automation methods.


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BENEFITS OF ECOSYSTEM EM Control your IT footprint spend Reduce IT project spend Increase team productivity Streamline your IT projects Improve team collaboration Absorb more business change Avoid over or under utilization Uplift availability stability Ensure time for quality Standardise with Automation THE 8 DIMENSIONS OF EM Enov8’s EcoSystem EM has been built to address the 8 dimensions of the Environment Management Maturity Index EMMI these are: 1. Knowledge Management 2. Demand Usage Analysis 3. Planning Coordination 4. IT Service Management 5. Application Automation 6. Data Automation 7. Infrastructure Orchestration 8. Status Accounting Reporting ECOSYSTEM FOR IT TEST ENVIRONMENTS MANAGEMENT An enterprise “IT Test Environment Management” platform promoting transparency governance operational streamlining. PROBLEM STATEMENT Companies are failing to deliver on-time and are overspending by Tens of Millions per annum due to lack of control of their IT Test Environments. Significant Issues companies face:  20 loss in Development and Testing Productivity.  IT Project Delays and/or Quality “Corner Cutting”.  20 Infrastructure License Service over spend. CAUSE  IT Environment Complexity  Non Production Proliferation  E2E Instability Unavailability  Project Resource Contention  Reactive Manual Operations  Lack of Governance  Non collaborating silos  Lack of Visibility  Inability to Report/Measure  Inability to Optimize EMMI – Environment Management Maturity Index

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HOW ECOSYSTEM WORKS EcoSystem is an “extensible and Integratable technology” based on a 4 Tier “GMSA” operating model that promotes enterprise transparency control and ultimately leads to significant reduction on IT Test Environment expenditure and an increase in IT Project productivity. GOVERNANCE IT Test Environment Knowledge Management Modelling IT Demand Management and Proactive Planning Coordination. MEASUREMENT Enterprise Status Accounting Reporting and Audit by capturing holistic and integrated environment information and data. STANDARDIZATION Standardization Simplification of Operations through the promotion of consistent IT environment practices and use of automation. AUTOMATION Streamlining of all IT Test Environment activities through building or levering your existing tooling automated investments. Learn more at: Contact us at:

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