Guidelines To Conduct Effective Software Testing When Data Migration


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Software testing is a very important part in the development process. Data migration is one of the most challenging task in the IT industry. You can prefer business based validations to make sure that the IT migration management has been done according to the requirement from the business.


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Software testing is a very important part in the development process. Testing of software must be                                 done precisely and smartly with the maximum possible attention. Once the testing is done by us you                                   must make sure that it does not contain any kind of bugs when the print is forwarded to the client.                                         Especially at the time of ​  ​Data migration ​ testing of software is must.    Data migration is one of the most challenging task in the IT industry. They seem to be very beneficial   at first but contain a high level of risk within. So for reducing the risk and completing the entire                                       process there are certain QA strategies to be applied. This testing can be done in various levels such                                     as at data level Application level Data validation test testing of the environments and many other.                                 Let us discuss various kind of testing level on the basis of internal database and external database.

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Testing of the Internal Database    This can be done with the help of load balancing validations. Balancing load amongst source system                                 and target system can make sure that the amount of data records are sync with each other. You can                                       prefer business based validations to make sure that the ​IT migration management ​has been done                               according to the requirement from the business. Business based validations are totally dependent on                             the type of business in order to target mapping and functionalities.    Integrity validations on the source data will ensure that the data is synched according to our                                 expectations. Along with ensured data integrity it also ensures that the mapping are followed. This                               makes the source to remove bad data as per the requirement. Validation with data plus will ensure                                   you regarding the number of data element that is available in the source tables that is to be                                     migrated. At the end reports of the data migrated can be the most suitable method to know how                                     accurate the validations have been done.    Testing of External Database    In external database testing first and foremost thing that can be done is to check UI of the data                                       migrated. The next thing can be to test end to end business process. This way testing is a very                                       important part of any data migration process.    At the time of data migration testing it is important to create SQL queries to validate the data before                                       and after the migration.    For an instance check if all the users have been migrated or not. It is also necessary to check the                                         number of the users in the source database.    Here are some general tips to keep in mind while the ​Data migration ​process in order to complete the                                       process effectively.

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● Keep  the backup of the current copies.   ● If some of your recent data is corrupt you must not forget to find out if the ETL tool is taking                                           any action on this data or not. If it happens your validation tests should confirm these actions.  ● If the mappings between the table of the source data and target database changes frequently                               testing of the stable mapping should be prioritized.  ● Modular validation tests should be created in case of point of failure.      Keep the testing process in this way and safely migrate your data with the effective testing.          Niall Crawford    Level 5 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000 New South Wales  Australia    +61 2 8916 6391    +61 2 9437 4214

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