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Trawex is the leading travel technology company globally and we serve travel companies from 50 countries across four continents.


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Payment Gateway Integration:

Payment Gateway Integration By Trawex Technologies

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Trawex offers one of the best online e-payment integration services and a great entry-level solution if you’re just considering online payments. The goal of the online payment gateway integration is expected to offer a mechanism to manage all payments across in the world. It is simple to set up and does not charge a monthly fee. Our online global payment gateway is a key enabler to the successful delivery of payment services and would increase the use of online services due to its efficiency and ease-of-use. For larger payments, Trawex’s Standard discount rate lowers to give you a bit of a break. One thing to note: as this is our entry-level solution, when your customers click to pay an invoice, they’ll be taken from your booking account out to any of the e-payment interface you would like to integrate. It’s not entirely seamless, but it works. It would offer a single point of access for all Pay and Accounts Offices that serves all Central Government Ministries and Departments for online payment transactions. In addition, all Government payment transactions would be allowed to be searched and collated.

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Trawex provides integration with hundreds of local and international e-payment gateways that make it easy and secure to accept credit cards online. If you choose to go the online check route, you should know that they will insist on holding back a certain amount of money for a specified time period, until you build up a reputation as a trusted vendor. An online payment gateway is the equivalent of a brick and mortar point of sale system. This is because the funds come directly out of a checking account, so they need to be available from your buyer.  Gateways allow for secure transactions between vendors and customers. Sometimes these funds can be held for weeks.

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Trawex offers a considerable number of online global payment gateway solutions which will enable you process payments for selected services. Payments gateway is a safe, easy and convenient method for users to receive money by using Trawex’s API. As the benefits of online shopping and bill payment rapidly increases, so does the need for vendors to utilize a secure online payment gateway system for structured transactions. We have actually integrated a number of companies such as PayPal, However our developing team is constantly at your service, in case you'd like to incorporate your chosen processing supplier to work with your travel reservation engine. Online e-payment gateways help vendors expand their business by improving customer service, increasing profits and minimizing late payments.

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Contact Us : For more details about our services, please visit our website: Email us at: Skype: trawextech Call us: India: +91 77 600 34800 India: +91 80 954 58 000 United States: +1 845 70 455 84 United Kingdom: +44 70 3192 6740 WhatsApp New Customer Support +91 77 600 34 800 +91 80 954 58 000 Also Reach Us at:

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