How To Locate the Best Atlanta Painters


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Slide 1: Atlanta Painters HQ Tip

Slide 2: How To Locate The Best Atlanta Painters

Slide 3: You have come to the conclusion that it is time to bring in a professional Atlanta Painter

Slide 4: This is an important decision to consider whether you are painting the inside or outside of your home


Slide 6: >> Ask for a copy of their up-to-date contractor's license

Slide 7: >> Obtain three or more references

Slide 8: >> Check to establish how long they had been doing business in the Atlanta area

Slide 9: >> Get at least two additional bids for the job to make sure they are not completely ripping you off

Slide 10: >> Occasionally Atlanta painters are prepared to offer you budgeting figures on small jobs on the telephone

Slide 11: >> Obtain flat rate estimates so you know the total you will pay beforehand

Slide 12: >> Make sure they have up-to-date liability and workmen’s compensation insurance

Slide 13: Asking friends and relatives is as a rule the best place to begin seeking competent Atlanta painters

Slide 14: For other great sources check with a real estate agent, you know other types of contractors you have dealt with, and even your local paint supply store

Slide 15: Some Area governments, like the city , county, or state, are able to provide a listing of contractors who are acquainted with the standards and codes of your particular city

Slide 16: If you do get a referral make sure to check on the type of job the Atlanta painter was contracted to do. Also, determine if the painter specializes in residential or commercial work

Slide 17: Some good questions to ask:

Slide 18: The most important question of course is; were they completely satisfied with the quality of work their Atlanta painting contractor provided?

Slide 19: We all are mindful that everybody has their idea of what quality actually means, so you should inquire if they mind if you take a look at the work done to their home and subsequently you can make up your mind for yourself

Slide 20: The cut-in areas around doors and windows and trim will be the revealing areas for quality work. Are the lines straight and was caulking applied?

Slide 21: Did the painting contractor protect non-painted surfaces or areas?

Slide 22: For the areas outside your home, this includes plants, roofing, walls, and concrete. The furnishings and flooring are always a concern, so they should be completely protected. If a painter was sloppy with one customer, odds are they will be sloppy with all of them

Slide 23: Cleaning up after your painter brings aggravation, and could cost you time and money

Slide 24: Were they courteous and respectful?

Slide 25: This is a vital matter. You are paying for an expert job, so the entire experience should be as stress-free as possible. Plus if the house painter enjoys their job, the quality and attentiveness to details will be enhanced

Slide 26: Your attitude will emphatically affect the entire project

Slide 27: This actually should be the first question that you pose, and if the answer is they were not courteous and respectful, you will almost certainly be better off to find another painter

Slide 28: Do they include a home warranty and what does it cover?

Slide 29: Make sure the warranty has some worth, and what is the amount of time it has ahead of expiring. 3+ Years is normally adequate. Simply stating a warranty isn't enough

Slide 30: All professional Atlanta painters stand behind their warranty and will always provide that warranty in writing and in a terminology that you can understand

Slide 31: Good painters use superior materials and know their level of competency. If your individual painter will not offer a satisfactory warranty you will be better off to find another painter

Slide 32: The Better Business Bureau is an outstanding source for locating professional, superior Atlanta painters. Professional Atlanta painters will be members of the Better Business Bureau with a superior rating

Slide 33:

Slide 34: Taking the time choose the very best Atlanta painters will mean a superior job and an enjoyable experience for your painting project

Slide 35:

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