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Custom learning plan based on linguistic evaluation on a verbal diagnosis of free speaking, reading text, and reading a dialogue.


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English By The Hour

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About English by the Hour offers Voice Speech Accent Coaching to foreign-born Executives and Professionals throughout the Bay Area and via the internet using WebEx. Coaching services provided by English by the Hour are focused intense and rigorous. We work exclusively with non-native speakers of American English. That could mean foreign-born professionals yet it may likewise be individuals born in the US of non-native speaking parents from different spots. We specialize in helping foreign-born executives and professionals polish their English speaking skills get clear style learn the American Accent when desired and obtain Executive Presence in speech movement and personal rapport.

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 Do you have bad pronunciation or a strong accent when speaking English  Do people misunderstand you when you speak English  Do people often ask you to repeat what you said  Do you feel embarrassed or stupid when speaking English  Do you have problems with specific sounds in English Why The American Accent Training Course

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English By The Hour seasoned coaching staff provides you with opportunities to explore what could work for you in a “safe space” where you can take risks practice new approaches and get immediate feedback that can transform your career options dramatically and help you grow personally and professionally.

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Get Accent Classes with customized programs American Accent Training Online Executive speech coaching Personal Accent Coaching

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What You Get From The Accent Course • The course includes a book a Guide to Speaking American English with Clarity Confidence . • Audio video program and is customized to address the individual issues of the client.

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Michelle Knoop American Accent Acquisition Coach Coaches Bud Everts Business Conversations American Accent Acquisition Coach Rebecca Lindquist American Accent Acquisition Coach Founder

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Contact Us Business Email: Phone: 207-265-6919

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