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Improve your Conversion Rate with a Faster Website How often do we stay on a website that takes a longer time to load? A fast loading site engages more user traffic as compared to its slower competitor. Here are some Stats 47% of the users expect a webpage to load completely in less than 2 seconds. 57% of the users immediately leave a webpage after 3 seconds if it fails to load. 8% of the users adduce the site’s speed as the factor for abandon their purchase.

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Tips for Website speed optimization Minimize HTTP Requests: Most of the Website load time is spent being downloading various elements of the website. An HTTP Request is made to request each of these elements. Hence, more the elements longer the load time. Minify CSS and Javascript: Reduce the number of HTML, Javascript, and CSS files. You can minify and combine these files as it reduces the number of the files as well as the size. Minifying basically removes unnecessarily codes, whitespace and formatting.

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Minimise Time to First Byte: When a user visits a site, the browser sends an HTTP request to the server. Following tasks occur during the whole process DNS Lookup Server Processing Result Reduce image size: Images play a vital role in affecting the speed of your website. Very large size images can make the website really slow. If your website is running on WordPress, a plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer can boost tour website’s speed gradually by optimizing your images.

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Scripts below the Fold: Javascript files load themselves after the content. If you have put them before your content, they will get loaded earlier making your website load slower. To resolve this problem, Put the files containing Javascript at the bottom of your page. Use Defer or Async attributes while placing javascript files.

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