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Presentation Description Energy Dais presents the most comprehensive list of the top Gate Valve Manufacturers in India, Middle East, USA & Canada. Choose from a list of 50+ handpicked Gate Valve suppliers and manufacturing companies. Across the global oil and gas industry, gate valves are primarily used to permit or prevent the flow of liquids. It is because of their ability to cut through liquids, that they are commonly used in this industry. With an increase in the global energy demand, the demand for the equipment used in the oil and gas industry is also on a rise.


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Market Insight of Gate Valve Manufacturers There is no denying of the fact that oil and gas industries are making rapid strides and are making admirable innovations that have made production effective as well efficient. The Gate Valve Manufacturers is another revolution in the arena of oil and gas production. A gate valve is also known as a sluice valve. It is a kind of a valve which opens by lifting either a rectangular or a round gate out of the path of the fluid. One of the unique features of a gate valve is that it has planar sealing surfaces between gates and seats. Hence keeping this in mind we often use them when a minimum restriction or a straight line flow is desired. Typically gate valves are used to allow or restrict the flow of liquids and are generally meant for on/off control rather than flow regulation. They are employed extensively in the petroleum industry too. Although they can be used for both underground and the above-ground activities the Gate Valve Manufacturers must choose the right type of valve to avoid high replacement cost. Global Market of Gate Valve Manufacturers The global industrial valve market is expected to reach USD 88585.74 million by 2023. The CAGR during this period is expected to be 5.33. Some of the factors that drive the demand for the gate valves are: ● Rising demand from the power industry. ● Demand for valves from the chemical industry. ● Extensive desalination activities Governments from countries like China and Brazil are making considerable investments in pipeline infrastructure which is providing a major boost to the installation of gate valves. Although continuous power generation is helping the market for gate valves strict government policies from not so rich countries and the cut-throat price competition are the two main challenges with which this industry needs to deal with growing extensively The countries which lead the market for gate valves are: ● North America ● Europe ● China ● Japan ● South-East Aisa ● India North America more or less leads the pact for Gate Valve Manufacturers. North American countries have been experiencing increased oil exploration activities consistent economic

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growth and a rise in oil well drilling rig sales. These factors help the growth of the gate valves in the USA. Several Asian countries like India and China are making a mark too due to the support of-of the government as well as a productive human resource. Industrial automation is now widely accepted around the world. The usage of smart gate valves is in the plans of several emerging economies. Therefore more and more investments are being made in the gate valves market by many countries which are boosting its growth. However with the rise in technology some other problems have arisen which can hamper the growth of gate valves. Some of them are: ● High pressure ● High temperature ● Adverse corrosion conditions The Major Gate Valve Manufacturers list are as follows: ● Schlumberger Limited: It is renowned in the world for being the leader in providing technology for drilling production and processing activities for oil and gas. It has its network spread over 85 countries and employs over four thousand employees. It provides a comprehensive range of products and services for various exploration activities too. ● Emerson Electric Co: It was found back in 1890. It is a reputed manufacturer of HVAC/R systems and products related to it. The major products of this company include measuring devices air conditioners heaters etc. ● Flowserve Corporation: Flowserve Corporation deals primarily in flow control products which include pumps actuators and valves. Besides serving the oil and gas industry they also serve chemical power generation and water resource industries as well. ● Parker Hannifin Corp: Besides gate valves they manufacture solenoid valves for fluid control. The major products of this company include steam cryogenic fuel dispensing etc. Customized valves are also made available by them for meeting a specific need. ● Pentair: This company is famous for its production of unconventional products and solutions related to the oil and gas industry. It was incorporated in Ireland with a tax residency in the US. Valves actuators and other automated products are a specialty of this company. Conclusion:

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As mentioned above gate valve manufacturers are serving more than one industry. However clearly the oil and gas industry accounts for the largest production for gate valves. Although standards have been set high by the likes of America and Europe it has also made the competition stiff for several countries that lack in innovation or the backing of the government. Gate Valve Manufacturers still have a bright future with rising exploration activities and rapid technological advancements.

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