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GCDP (Global Community Development Program):

Project Unpaid You don`t need experience Accomodation and meals provided ~ 6 weeks GCDP ( Global Community Development Program) Required personal an interpersonal skills : - Presentation skills, - Training/Facilitating skills, - Project Management, - Team Management , -Basic IT Skills Projects connected with working with children and education ,

GIP (Global Internship Program):

Company, ONG etc Paid You need experience most likely min . 6 weeks GIP (Global Internship Program) R ecommended for a student to know the most popular programming languages: SQL, HTML, XML, PHP, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, G raphic programs: Corel, Photoshop, Flash, M anage databases : MySQL , Oracle etc. Soft skills as well as professional skills Required for the student to has professional skills: - M arketing & Selling skills, - Presentation skills, - Project Management - Basic IT Skills - Leadership and Team Management skills

Platforma My

Login to, from the top menu, hover over My Experience Menu: -Under the My Programs and Phases submenu choose the Take Global Community Development Programme option (fourth menu option). -Or click on the My Programmes menu landing page select, Take Global Community Development Programme Link on the page Platforma My

Benefits of the AIESEC Exchange Program :

An International experience to enhance your CV A new job opportunity in a foreign country or advanced leverage in your home country Bring innovation to the company you work in. Support AIESEC Growth Personal development- cultural understanding, self awareness and awareness of others. Benefits of the AIESEC Exchange Program

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