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Get Your Taxi Booking App Solution from here. A dynamic entrepreneur looking forward to take his taxi business online through his taxi App.


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Taxi Booking App Solution (IOS & Android) Endive Software Pvt. Ltd.

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Scope of work Client - A dynamic entrepreneur looking forward to take his taxi business online through his taxi App Objective - To create a Taxi Booking service App similar to Uber and Lyft Endive's Deliverables - App that functions on both iOS & Android App that allows customers to book a ride App that track drivers and allow to fill up the pickup location App that allows to select cab type & calculate the fare App with live tracking option too allows to add comments & feedback for rating driver In a nutshell the taxi booking App should: Grant the functionality to make hassle free bookings Give clients the facility to make payments online through debit/credit cards or through e-wallets Generate Invoices Update the App & website automatically Show the taxi availability to the clients Track your customers. Connect with your clients through interaction, such as feedback forms

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We all have faced situations where we were getting late for the office or airport, and we just wished that an empty taxi passes our way. Waiting for a taxi and that too for quite a while, now and then made us insane. It is at such distressful times that we comprehend the significance of Taxi Booking App. An App that allows us to book cabs in no time and make it stand at our door steps whenever we need. Being an entrepreneur, it is a great business too. On business terms, a taxi booking application ought to hold the usefulness that permits its clients to book their taxi's and official taxi's all online from anyplace. The platform should offer an administration interface where the taxi organization can deal with the content, and access all bookings and client data. Generally the platform will incorporate all the required functionality such as hosting, email accounts, updates, the web address and, above all, backups! General Features Graphics designing for App interface. GPS integration for location tracking. Developed web services in XML and JSON. Data retrieval through RESTful API's for return value. Payment method integration Facebook and other social media integration Static pages About Us, Legal, privacy policy, terms & conditions   Taxi Booking App

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Features Passenger: Register and Login with email & social platforms. Select type of vehicle Manually set a drop location (optional) Auto (geo-location)/Manually select pickup Show taxis around the passenger. Show nearest taxi distance. Driver details screen to view Paying for the taxi through the app. (make this configurable: enable/disable) Call your taxi driver directly Receive Email on booking Receiving push notifications. Feedback and ratings to the driver after ride The arrival of the taxi can be tracked Change Password and Forgot password Manage profile information (passenger details, including personal info, and payment process (optional) Payment via Credit/Debit card Payment receipt via email Booking History Admin Console Features: Admin Authentication Manage users Manage cities & countries Manage driver Manage content pages Manage charges according to vehicle, cities & country Driver: Registration and Login with email & social media Change Password and Forgot password Manage profile info. Subscribe to service(monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annually-configurable) Mange legal information of driver (License Number, Vehicle License plate number) Receiving hiring requests and communications. Accept or ignore the job Get the passenger destination and pickup. Receive notifications GPS is used to locate the passenger Feedback and ratings

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Easy 4-Step Booking Process Client can book taxi in 4 easy steps through this App: Auto (geo-location)/Manually select pickup location Select your Taxi Request For Taxi (Confirm the booking) Receive your booking reference

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Easy 4-Step Booking Process Select Pick up location The client has the option to book a taxi either manually (on the initial booking page/interactive map) or by using Geo-location. The current location/address is then shown on the page. Our proactive address qualification framework incorporated in the App then shows the most applicable & previous pick up addresses around the selected pick up area.

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Easy 4-Step Booking Process 2. Select Your Taxi The client can avail the option of choosing the taxi type hatchback, sedan or executive to travel to his destination comfortably. As this taxi App is an easy to use and innovative software, the client just needs to install it in the iOS or Android phone to avail doorstep pick up facility.

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Easy 4-Step Booking Process 3. Request For Taxi Once the client is satisfied with the taxi charges (day & night charges), tariff charges & waiting charges, then he can proceed to further validate the booking. The next would require the passenger/client to confirm & complete the booking request. During this whole process, the client can too select the optional option of entering addition details such as number of taxies required. The booking form of our taxi App is fully customized and is as per the clients need.

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Easy 4-Step Booking Process 4. Receive Your Booking Reference/Status display After the booking confirmation the client can then view the status of his booking along with the estimated time of arrival. The indicators show the status, such as Awaiting Approval, Confirmed, picked up or cancelled. If the ride is cancelled the cancellation message would automatically reach the driver.

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Smart Phone Booking Features (Recommended feature) Booking Features: Book now Pre-booking service Automatic Payment Live Tracking Add Payment Smartplaces : Smartplace is a function that automatically calls up your old locations and shows which pervious bookings and popular bookings (vehicle type) are close by.

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The QTP/Referral scheme (Recommended feature) The user refers a friend or as many friends to start out some referral credit when his friend book a ride & uses a referral code. On referral, the friend gets a free ride or some amount on first booking.  

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App experience 1. BOOKING Login the App & Enter Address Auto (geo-location)/ Manually select pickup & Time of booking 2. QUOTE & BOOK Select the (from & to) location check the auto-calculated fair and selected payment type (Card or Cash) 3. DRIVER TRACKING Clients can track their drivers information coming to pick them up 4 . PAYMENTS Customers can choose any payment mode either credit/debit cards or through e-wallets easily

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App experience 5. RECEIPT Customers receive a PDF receipt on their registered email id 6. RATE Customers can easily rate their journey for quality control

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Proposed Technology Development Language Objective C, Swift Framework Cocoa Touch SDK iOS SDK IDE Xcode Database Server SQLite , CoreData For iPhone / iPad App: Development Language Java SDK Android SDK IDE Eclipse Database Server Android Database, SQLite For Android App:

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Mobile Application Development Process Starts with an Idea Submit & Start Earning Sketch it out Add Life Debug & Revise Make it look Pretty Test, Test & Test The team work with you to understand your idea & objectives. The team then redefine the idea & work through to prepare a detailed specifications document. we submit your app to the phone store. You sit back & start making a fortune. Create wireframes for each screen. Define user flow & interaction with the app. Create an information architecture of the entire app. This is our design step where we design the concept, graphics, icons, & everything in between. We define the identity & design assets. Here we start the actual development & start making the iPhone app functional. We code the app & its respective server side components. Our quality assurance team takes your app & test it thoroughly from screen to screen, recording everything & ensuring your app works perfect. We fix any issue coming out of our testing & give the app the final touch.

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Solution Overview iPhone / Android Mobile Taxi app Cloud automatically dispatches Taxi Driver confirms pick up via Smart Phone App Integrate in other dispatch system Integration Taxi Application Taxi App Taxi App z Automatic Dispatch Direct to Driver Standard Smartphone GPS Tracking z Manual Dispatch Direct to Call Centre Instant Setup Minimal Investment Automated Dispatch Manual Dispatch 3 rd party dispatch App

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Manual Dispatch This permits you to enhance your business as your client can make bookings wherever he is. Your staff can take bookings on the call focus or if necessary can likewise take bookings in the car. Taxi App can without much of a stretch coordinate with your present Radio Dispatch management or say solutions for organizations of each size. Direct to Call Centre Instant Setup Minimal Investment

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Application flawlessly interfaces with the Taxi App Cloud giving convenient overhauls/ updates relating to both the driver location & accessibility status. Booking requests are automatically conveyed to the most relevant drivers (as per their near by location) & availability status. Various conveyance principles can be characterized to guarantee that a booking request is progressively heightened to an always expanding number of drivers until one of the drives finally accepted it. This "heightening/ escalation " component diminishes booking attrition and augments the probability that the booking request will be acknowledged by one of the drivers. Automatic Dispatch Direct to Driver Standard Smartphone GPS Tracking

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THANKS Visit us : Contact us: Email: Skype: endive-consulting Mob : +1(941) 312-2199

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