Climate Change & Conflict

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Team 2: Kay, Yeonjin, Christine, Nara Climate Change & Conflict

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Ⅰ. Introduction Ⅱ. Past and Projected Climate Changes Ⅲ. Effects of Climate Changes and Impact on Conflict Ⅳ. Conclusion Contents

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Ⅰ. Introduction climate change accelerated by human activities the link between climate change & conflict (“Climate Change and Conflict.”)

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II. Past and Projected Climate Changes Climate change progress rapidly, is projected to continue in the future Negative consequences: scarcity of land, water, environmental refugees, and economic shocks (“Climate Change and Conflict.”)

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III. Effects of Climate Changes and Impact on Conflict Climate change increased risk of conflict It also play a role in producing cooperation (“Climate Change and Conflict.”)

Tuvalu : 

Tuvalu The World Bank Country Brief • This island group comprises nine atolls With a population of just over 12,000 • Total land area : 26 square kilometres, • GDP per capita : US$1,600 • Economic growth of 1.5 percent in 2009 • The world’s second lowest-lying nation Threatened by sea-level rise, Sinking into the ocean <>

Tuvalu : 

Tuvalu ■ The solutions currently considered Buying land Moving to Niue Moving to Kioa, Fiji Burden-sharing agreements   ■Towards a global environmental responsibility (Gemenne, 2006)

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Ⅳ. Conclusion Climate changes in Korea Our Position & Response

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Reference “Climate Change and Conflict.” International Crisis Group <> Gemenne. “Climate Change and Forced Displacements : Towards a Globla Environmental Responsibility? The Case of the Small Island Developing States(SIDS) in the South Pacific Ocean.” Centre for Ethnic and Migration Studies, London School of Economics 22-25 Mar. 2006

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