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It’s long been recognised that the success of any business rests firmly in the hands of its employees - and that the more engaged and connected employees are with their company, the greater its profitability and overall results. www.enterpriseleaders.com


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Employee Engagement Enterprise Leaders Worldwide www.EnterpriseLeaders.com

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Passionate Ownership Business Acumen Bigger Picture Extra Mile Proud Believe Business Owner ENGAGED = Higher Revenue and Profit

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38% Higher Customer Satisfaction 22% Higher Productivity 27% Higher Profits Perform 20% Better 87% Less Likely To Leave Corporate Leadership Council The Gallup Organisation BUSINESS EMPLOYEES There’s a Proven Link Between Engaged Employees and Profit

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Employee Engagement Tools and Strategies By Enterprise Leaders Worldwide

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Tools: MP3 Mentoring Workbook MP3 Summary Sessions

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Strategies: Face-to-Face Mentoring Presentation Protégé Becomes Mentor Follow-Through www.EnterpriseLeaders.com Download Your Fee Employee Engagement Book From:

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