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The University of Florida offers a committee that student-athletes can join called the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and you can know more about it by contacting the phone number mentioned. This article will enlighten all the students and aspirants who are interested and looking forward to a diving career. This will be the adding the greatest values too! Thank you for your time.


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Karen Carter Press Release Media Contact: 513-226-5542 The University of Florida offers a committee that student athletes can join called the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of at least two students from each of the University’s sports. Student athletes on this committee are expected to be a liaison between the athletes and the coaching staff. One of the other purposes of this committee is to help organize major events with student athletes such as the Florida Letterman Awards. In this photo is the 2017-2018 diving team at the 2018 Letterman Awards. From left to right: Alex Farrow Boni Trinter Brianna Felegi Miranda Goss Teya Syskakis Brooke Madden Emma Whitner Abby Howell Dalton Goss The Florida Letterman awards is a night for student-athletes coaches and staff to celebrate their accomplishments. During this event athletes have the opportunity to win awards such as Athlete of the Year Performance of the Year and Scholar of the Year to name a few. Another purpose of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee is to help organize philanthropy events throughout the year. An example of one of these events is the Annual Climb for Cancer Foundation’s Brandon Ling Memorial Sports Camp. Climb for Cancer is the name of a non-profit that helps raise money for families battling cancer. The event is an opportunity for kids with cancer to play sports and have fun with student athletes from the University of Florida.

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The Student Athlete Advisory Committee is a great way for student athletes to get involved with their community and interact with students from different sports.

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