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Node.Js is a framework used to make highly efficient, scalable and event driven applications.Checkout this Ppt to get more information about Node.Js.


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Node.Js Development:

Node.Js Development

What is Node Js?:

What is Node Js ? Node.Js is a open source development platform to execute Javascript platform server side. It is used for building scalable and event driven applications . Node.Js is written in C++ But it uses Javascript as an interpretive language for server side request.

Real time Solutions With Node.Js:

Real time Solutions With Node.Js

Platform architecture :

Platform architecture Node.js brings  event driven programming to   web servers, enabling development of fast web servers in JavaScript. Developers can create highly scalable servers without using threading, by using a simplified model of  event driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion of a task. Node.js connects the ease of a scripting language (JavaScript) with the power of Unix network programming.

Technical Details :

Technical Details Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment that processes incoming requests in a loop, called the  event loop. Threading: Node.js operates on a  single thread, using  non blocking I/O  calls, allowing it to support tens of thousands of concurrent connections without incurring the cost of thread  context switching.  The design of sharing a single thread among all the requests that use the  observer pattern  is intended for building highly concurrent applications, where any function performing I/O must use a  callback. Click here


V8 : It  is the JavaScript execution engine built for  Google chrome  and open-sourced by Google in 2008. Written in  C++. V8 compiles JavaScript source code to native  machine code instead of interpreting it in real time. Package management: npm  is the pre-installed package manager for the Node.js server platform. It is used to install Node.js programs from the npm registry, organizing the installation and management of third-party Node.js programs Unified API: Node.js can be combined with a browser, a database supporting JSON data and   JSON  for a unified JavaScript development stack. Source: wikipedia

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