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E-Learning An alternative way of learning:

Emma Goldsmith E-Learning An alternative way of learning

Overall Definition:

Overall D efinition E-Learning presents an alternative way of presenting material and engaging students.

Examples of Alternate Technology:

Examples of Alternate T echnology This includes alternative technology, teaching methods, and use of materials


Advantages Caters to more students needs Keeps them up to date with the growing technology demands of the world. Makes them more independent learners.

Advantages Continued:

Advantages Continued Presents material in a fun and engaging way Teaches useful skills needed in secondary education. Can improve student-teacher communication

Special Needs Research:

Special Needs Research 1 in 6 students in the US don’t benefit from a traditional educational program due to special needs and disabilities. Classifying a student as special needs covers a wide variety of disabilities.

Research Continued:

Research Continued Data were adapted from Table 1-3 (Students ages 6 through 21 served under IDEA, Part B, by disability category and state: Fall 2008) via www.IDEAdata.org for the 50 states.
*Developmental delay is applicable to children ages 3 through 9.

Special Needs Research Continued:

Special Needs R esearch Continued Teachers have found that by using technology, it helps level the playing field for students with disabilities.

Definition of Technology:

Definition of Technology Technology is defined by law as: “any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.”

First Hand Account:

First Hand A ccount Adam 18 Lake Oswego, OR Special Needs and uses alternative technology.


C ons Expensive Students become too reliant Technology is always improving, which means it becomes out of date quickly $ $

Cons Continued:

Cons Continued Can take away from valuable learning time Can become an escape from improving social skills Easily overused

Video on the benefits of iPads in the classroom:

Video on the benefits of iPads in the classroom


S ummary Overall technology in schools is a positive thing, but no everyone thinks so Alternative technology is useful to all students, especially Special Needs students

Summary Continued:

Summary Continued The integration of technology in the classroom is something that all schools and teachers should consider doing.


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