SEO Tips to Improve Site’s Google Ranking & Avoid Penalty

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According to SEO tips, we can improve our website’s ranking without getting penalized by Google. SEO Tips can be helpful in accessing and analyzing current ranking, doing keyword research, using SEO tools, removing unnatural links and using anchor text for your website.


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SEO Tips to Improve Site’s Google Ranking & Avoid Penalty:

SEO Tips to Improve Site’s Google Ranking & Avoid Penalty

Vital Points:

Vital Points Observe your current search ranking Go through analysis Comprehend penalties Tips for avoiding Google penalty Ideal usage of anchor text Are you researching keyword? Focus on quality content

Observe Your Current Search Ranking:

Observe Your Current Search Ranking Access to know site’s keyword ranking Check the site’s speed using any tool like WebPageTest , Zoompf etc.. Notice your site’s domain age and referral links SEO Tips

Go Through Analysis:

Go Through Analysis Check out ‘ Google Analytics ’ Calculate conversion rate of organic traffic Keep eye on the number of organic traffic & its visits Keep in knowledge which keywords is converting well Check out the ranking of your paid keywords Maintain an SEO dashboard SEO Tips

Comprehend Penalties:

Comprehend P enalties Say ‘no’ to over-optimization Using Majestic, WebMeUp or Ahrefs tools to analyze inbound links Identify unhealthy or spammy links Do plagiarism check of the content SEO Tips

Tips For Avoiding Google Penalty:

Tips For Avoiding Google Penalty Remove unnatural links requesting manual link removal Take help of Google’s Disavow tool to remove bad links Check if anchor text is resonating to focus keyword, phrase, URL and brand SEO Tips

Ideal Usage of Anchor Text:

Ideal Usage o f Anchor Text Anchor text 1: site should target home page Anchor text 2: Search engine optimization should target its specific page Anchor text 3: reviews should land on home page SEO Tips

Are You Researching Keyword? :

Are You Researching Keyword ? Know from where the traffic is coming Use keyword Planner Get extracts of audience demography and browsing location Track records of informational and commercial keywords Don’t underestimate long-tail keywords Observe competitors’ performance using tools Focus to hike the ranking of low ranking keywords SEO Tips

Focus on Quality Content :

Focus o n Quality Content Stay current on ‘ Google Panda ’ update Use original content Content complying to site’s data should be used SEO Tips


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