How does Google Adwords Work and its Benefits


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Google AdWords helps in determining keywords and observing ads bidding. Maximum CPC and quality score fix which ad is to be displayed. CTR, relevancy, landing pages and users experience tell what’s the bidder’s quality score. Optimizing adwords account for drafting ads, A/B testing & other strategies solve the tussle of assigning bids.


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Slide1: How Work And its Benefits Adwords

Slide2: Google Adwords How Google Adwords Works Identify Keywords Check Out Advertiser Pools Arrange Auction Prioritizes relevant to searches Highest Bid Wins

Where to Place Which Ad?:

Where to Place Which Ad?

Slide4: Google Adwords Google f actors for Ad Rank Maximum CPC bid Quality score

Slide5: Google Adwords Determinants for “Quality Score ” CTR Relevancy Landing Page User Experience Ad Rank= Max. CPC Keyword Bid X Quality Score Ad Rank= Position Decider

How to Optimize Adwords Account?:

How to Optimize Adwords Account?

Slide7: Google Adwords Drafting Targeting Ad 2 variations of 1 ad Maximize keywords up to 5 in 1 ad

Slide8: Google Adwords A/B Testing Find out CVR (conversion rate) Find out CTR (conversion through rate)

Slide9: Google Adwords Play with bid-strategies Check out quality score Take a look at average position



Slide11: Google Adwords Benefits to Users: Hunt ends for relevant data Advertiser: Gets connected with the target audience at low price Google: Generate revenue in millions

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