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Resa Mai – Human Technology, at its best! UCMO Library Systems Information Technology

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Relaxation Premium Fuel Exercise

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What is Technology?

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Colorado Department of Education – School Libraries

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Loveland Public Library

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Loveland Public Library

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Flipster - Digital Magazine

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Edmodo –

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3 d Bear – 3

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YouTube –

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Slideshare –

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When Carolyn Foote, redesigned her school library in Texas, sh e wanted to create a space without barriers, one where individuals would congregate and engage in co-learning. Mrs Foote stated that: I knew that I wanted the library to be a campfire space where students could gather, a collaborative space where they could work together in small groups, a transparent space where learning in the school could be seen through the windows, a more barrier-free space in terms of student use, and an innovative space where the design would reflect the innovations that are going on inside our campus. What she wanted was to create a learning hub for the school Create a Learning Commons

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Smore –

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Magisto –

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BrainPop – and

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Brainpop for Educators –

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"For people without disabilities, technology makes things convenient, whereas for people with disabilities, it makes things possible . . . [this] fact brings with it an enormous responsibility because the reverse is also true. Inaccessible technology can make things absolutely impossible for disabled people, a prospect we must avoid." —Judith Heumann , Assistant Secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education Keynote address to Microsoft employees and experts on disabilities and technology, Redmond, Washington, February 19, 1998

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Kurzweil –

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Bookshare –

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Cast –

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Texthelp – Read and write –

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Texthelp – Read and write –

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Nearpod –

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Newsela –

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Classtell –

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Remember: All the technology in the world can not replace a caring face. Resa Mai Library Systems Information Technology April 2017

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Resa Mai txm 72440 Thank you

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