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NewBorn Photography : The Sensitive Sides are Always Open - TianaCreation Though there are log of ways you can photograph toddlers/newborns but one thing is obvious: it takes a certain amount of quality to photograph these tiny little creatures that is beyond the knowledge of newborn photography Los Angeles and ability to operate a camera. Newborns are only recently outside the protection of their mother’s womb so they are more susceptible to disease cold and stress than other people you will probably photograph. In fact I will ask the parents to handle the baby during my Newborn photoshoots if I want the baby to be in a different place or position. You probably know what I am talking about if you’ve had a baby. Newborns are especially fragile with unfused plates in their skull and soft bones so moving them around should be done carefully. Here are 6 tips to the sensitive side of Baby Photography LA. 1. Do clean your hands before you start The first thing you should do when you enter the newborn’s environment is to wash your hands really well. Even if you don’t plan to touch the baby you will most likely touch things that the baby has contact with like the crib. 2. Turn up the heat Babies are happy and sleepy when they are warm so turn up the heat but do this safely. If you use a space heater be careful not to place it too close to the baby or whatever the baby is on or in. 3. Never push for a pose You or the parents of the baby may want to get a shot of the baby in a certain position or posed on a particular object. Please assert caution when attempting such feats. For instance if the heater is pointed lower than the baby itself it can still endanger the baby by heating up the basket she is in.

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4. Using your client’s props is always better Blankets hats stuffed animals shoes baskets…they are all so cute to use during your Newborn Photography Session. 5. Reduce the chance of bringing germs into the newborn’s environment Reschedule if you are ill. There is nothing more stressful than needing to care for a sick newborn. Their bodies are too young for medicine so do the baby’s family and the baby a favor by rescheduling if you are sick – especially if you have a fever. 6. Avoid wearing fragrances That includes perfumed soaps lotions perfumes/colognes after shave and hair styling products. Babies have sensitive noses. The last thing you’d want is to have your precious subject sneezing. If she or he is uncomfortable then she will be restless and fussy. If you use your client’s props then the items in the photos will be more meaningful to them ie Aunt Mary crocheted the hat the basket is from the parents’ wedding the stuffed animal is the same one the dad had as a child. The photos will also be more unique than using the same props over and over. Newborns should be comfortable and safe at all times. So do what you can as their photographer to keep them that way during their photography session. Newborns are great to photograph because they can be positioned for a photograph but they are human beings not dolls. Take precaution and remember that babies are delicate. If they appear uncomfortable or unhappy call it quits and find an alternative shot.

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