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Emerald Gemstone is also known as name in Hindi Panna and its belong to Mercury (Budh). It is a variety of precious stone and minerals Beryl. Panna stone is the birthstone for May Month. And there are different type of Emerald Gemstone Columbian, Zambian, Brazilian. For more detail we are going to share PPT, Let's check it out.


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Emerald is a form of Beryl in which the elements of Vanadium gives the lustrous green color to basic rock. It is found in Columbia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and India. It is the birthstone for May and is believed to influence exceptional healing powers. emeralds




They are found as best quality emeralds in terms of color, size, brilliance, and purity. COLUMBIAN emerald The deep green Emerald are found in core depths of Columbian mines, which is most exclusive variety of this gemstone. Columbian Emerald has green as its generic color while there are variations in it which lends unique hues of green.


These emeralds are less pervious, smaller, and lesser delicate in nature. ZAMBIAN emerald They are clearer in appearance with a brilliant shine. Zambian stones are cheaper for buying as their price depends on their origin. They are affordable for any class of buyers.


Indian emerald It is the leading cutting center of the gemstone and best quality of emeralds are found in India which has high astrological value of emeral d stone.


BRAZILIAN emerald Brazil became the breadbasket for affordable emerald in the early 1960s. Brazilian Emerald Gemstone was first discovered in Brazil around 1920. Brazil has upgraded its image as an emerald mining center. The finding has made since 1980 at Itabera in Minais Gerais, Santa Teresinha in Goias, and Nova Era near Itabera are supplying the best emerald Brazil has ever produced. Indeed, top stones from these mines beg comparison to Colombian emerald.

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