Custom Patches & Custom Shapes Are An Excellent Match


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BETOP Embroidery Factory makes awesome custom patches, embroidered patches, iron on patches at cheap price. Digitizing at $1.78/1000 stitches embroidery.


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Custom Patches & Custom Shapes Are An Excellent Match

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Things significantly changed in the 1800s, with the introduction of the mechanical loom. All of a sudden, embroidery could be produced on a much larger scale & much more consistently. This in result, made embroidered works, including patches much more accessible & affordable.

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That consistent promotion is the type that helps strengthen your brand. It's really a simple concept. The more customised your patches are, the more they are representative of your vision, your business, and your cause . A patch shaped like a poodle will no doubt help customers remember your dog grooming business. One shaped like a speedboat will help promote your marina.

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It is all about keeping your brand "top-of-mind" for the customer. You wish your brand to stand out from your competitors. If a prospective customer only remembers ONE thing about your business, you want it to stand out. Credits to the ultra-modern embroidery machines in everyday use these days, it becomes easier than ever to make unique patches of just about any shape & size you can visualise.

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