Function, Fashion, and Fit Put Embrazio’s Innovative Leather Belts

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Beautifully handcrafted belts and other high-quality leather accessories from Embrazio are available in 200 boutiques throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. You can also browse and purchase leather products from Embrazio’s website. The patented curved design of their custom leather belts will have you wondering where this perfectly fitting belt has been your whole life. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Embrazio is changing the way people think about how belts can fit. If you value high-quality, handmade leather goods, check out the brand’s leather jewelry, handmade leather bags, and leather cell phone holster options as well online.


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Function Fashion and Fit Put Embrazio’s Innovative Leather Belts Ahead of the Curve

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Function Fashion and Fit Put Embrazio’s Innovative Leather Belts Ahead of the Curve Your perfectly fitting leather belt is waiting for you. Meet Embrazio. Based in Boulder Colorado. Embrazio’s patented curved belts are handcrafted to conform to the natural contours of your body. The look fit and feel of Embrazio’s high-quality custom leather belts are redefining the industry standard as a result. The Embrazio Difference What’s the fundamental difference between Embrazio’s custom belts and all of the other belts on the market There are several distinctions actually. Let’s look at a few highlights that may make you change the way you think about how belts can fit moving forward.  Shape: Embrazio’s custom belts are not c-shaped or straight—they have more of a wave-type s-curve to them. Each elegantly designed genuine leather belt is mathematically configured every 2 inches to conform to the human body.  Goodbye common belt issues: With Embrazio’s handmade belts there’s no gapping pulling tugging or pinching which can occur with a straight belt. The difference is noticeable in both look and feel.  A perfect fit: Embrazio’s custom leather belts are designed to follow the true shape of your body sitting a little higher over your hips and moving slightly down in the front and back. This results in a fit perfectly conformed to your shape and is perhaps the most innovative construction to happen to the belt thus far.

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The Belt You Never Knew You Needed In addition to graceful functionality Embrazio’s custom leather belts offer enduring quality and authentic beauty which lend a classic old-world feel to our modern lifestyles. The brand seeks to distinguish itself by bringing thoughtful design exceptional materials and superb craftsmanship into people’s lives through their wide array of handmade leather goods. Embrazio’s products are available on their website. In addition about 200 boutiques carry Embrazio’s handmade leather goods primarily in the United States with several in Canada Australia and Mexico. All of Embrazio’s leather accessories are designed and shipped from Boulder while the manufacturing takes place in Leon Mexico where 90 of all leather goods in the Northern Hemisphere are made. Try One On for Size Embrazio currently offers 12 different styles of custom leather belts for women and men. Each one-of-a-kind accessory gets even better with time and wear. The subtle yet natural s-curve of Embrazio’s belts wraps around the hips and waist without pressing into the hip bones. This patented design provides a comfortable fit and a flattering appearance—without the annoying gapping in the back. Try one on to truly feel the Embrazio difference. As a leather accessories company Embrazio’s products not only include custom leather belts but also various styles of handmade leather bags wallets belt buckles leather phone holster options and jewelry too. Learn more about Embrazio and browse their authentic leather products at Original Source:

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