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English III N311 Teacher: Doris Molero Final Project THINK GREEN Integrantes Lanciato Alberto Gutiérrez Elyzabeth Larreal Ángel April 2011

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Agenda About me New Friends. New Faces Express Yourself! About me What do we Need? Around the World About me Green vacation All about me Alberto Angel Elyzabeth All group 10. Reflections

I`m twenty years old Birthday June 21, 1990 :

I`m twenty years old Birthday June 21, 1990 3 Now I`m studying ELYZABETH GUTIERREZ Was born in Venezuela About Me


4 New Friends, New faces Leonardo DiCaprio White, high and thin collaborator Was born 11 de November de 1974 Río Hudson Belice Description is characterized for of Environment Edifice ecological eco-resort

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5 Happy Sad Angry Express Yourself sick

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About Me Ángel Larreal My from is Zulia I study public accounting in URBE I live with my family go to the beach on vacation

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What Do We Need? vegetables fruit food

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Around the World Zulia State Library the village of Lake Maracaibo aguamania Laundromat bod bank

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About Me My name is Alberto Lanciato I´m 21 years old My from is Venezuela I study public accounting in URBE I Speak Spanish and Italian I volunteer at the Venezuelan Red Cross My Avatar in SL is alanciato I like Italian Food

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Green Vacation In Venezuela Cloudy Landscapes cycling

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All about me

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