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Collection ’18 0124-4578888 Premium Range

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Name: Lush Green Rectangular Tray SKU: TTSV0856 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Lush Green Square coaster S/4 SKU: TTAC0202 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Susan Rectangular Tray SKU: TTSV0891 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Susan Square coaster S/4 SKU: TTAC0201 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Susan Rectangular box SKU: DEAC1211 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: Lush Green Rectangular box SKU: DEAC1212 MRP: Rs. 4595

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Name: La Perla Snack Set Round S/7 SKU: TTSV0863 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: La Perla Snack Set Square S/7 SKU: TTSV0866 MRP: Rs. 9995 Name: La Perla 2 tier SKU: TTSV0865 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: La Perla Tray SKU: TTSV0867 MRP: Rs. 4495 Name: La Perla Round Platter SKU: TTSV0864 MRP: Rs. 1995

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Primrose Collection Name:Primrose Espresso Cup Saucers S/6 SKU: TTSV0869 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Primrose Tea set S/17 SKU: TTSV0654 MRP: Rs. 13995

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Name: T wirl Cake Dome With Gold Lustre Glass SKU: TTSV0834 MRP: Rs. 8895 Name: Twirl Bowl SKU: TTSV0837 MRP: Rs. 7595 Name: Twirl Cheese Board Knnife SKU: TTSV0835 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Chip Dip In Walnut SKU: TTSV0890 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Sasha Cake Stand S SKU: TTSV0875 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Natural Wood W/Glass Chesse Platter SKU: TTSV0787 MRP: Rs. 3595 Twirl Collection Name: Twirl Cake Server Knife S/2 SKU: TTSV0918 MRP: Rs. 2595 Name: Twirl Napkin Holder SKU: TTAC0195 MRP: Rs. 2595 Name: Twirl Salt Pepper S/2 SKU: TTAC0194 MRP: Rs. 2295

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Name: Selene Lemonade Dispenser SKU: TTSV0871 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Amara Ice Cream Cups S/4 SKU: TTGL0236 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Imperial Tumbler S/6 SKU: TTGL0240 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Imperial Goblet s/6 SKU: TTGL0230 MRP: Rs. 3895 Name: Double Walled Ice-cream Cup S/4 SKU: TTGL0222 MRP: Rs. 1795 Name: Borosilicate Carafe SKU: TTGL0225 MRP: Rs. 1795 Name: Amara bottle with glass SKU: TTGL0237 MRP: Rs. 1595

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Name: Gourmet Chafng Dish Rect Curved SKU: TTSV0590 MRP: Rs. 10995 Name: Casa Cuisine Casserole Oval S SKU: TTSV0722 MRP: Rs. 3095 Name: Casa Cuisine Casserole Rect S SKU: TTSV0720 MRP: 3095 Name: Regent Soup Warmer 4L SKU: TTSV0892 MRP: Rs. 10995 N a m e : Regent T ea/Coffee Warmer 10 cups SKU: TTSV0895 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Casa Cuisine Casserole Oval L SKU: TTSV0723 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Casa Cuisine Casserole Rect L SKU: TTSV0721 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Gourmet Chafng Dish Round SKU: TTSV0059 MRP: Rs. 7995 Name: Gourmet Chafng Dish Rect. SKU: TTSV0062 MRP: Rs. 10995

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Name: Elizabethan Tea Biscut Box SKU: TTSV0860 MRP: Rs. 9995 Name: Buffet Server SKU: TTSV0326 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Refections salad bowl SKU: TTSV0161 MRP: Rs. 3850 Name: Mughal Tray SKU: TTSV0813 MRP: Rs. 5495 3845 Name: Pinnacle Pastry Stand With Ring SKU: TTSV0774 MRP: Rs. 3695 Name: Imperial 3 Tier Stand SKU: TTSV0700 MRP: Rs. 3695 Name: Pinnacle 2 Tier Stand With Ring SKU: TTSV0773 MRP: Rs.3995 Name: Elizabethan Tray SKU: TTSV0033 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Ravishing Oval Tray With Mirror SKU: TTSV0812 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Gourmet Chafng Dish Square SKU: TTSV0378 MRP: Rs. 7995

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Name: Thermose Copper 1 Ltr SKU: TTSV0635 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Thermose Gold 1 Ltr SKU: TTSV0634 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Thermose Silver 1 Ltr SKU: TTSV0633 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Noble Plate Holder SKU: TTSV0364 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Lemonade dispenser SKU: TTSV0622 MRP: Rs. 5495 3847 Name: Elizabethan Tea Set S/7 SKU: TTSV0032 MRP: Rs. 10995 7697

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Name: Add On Burgeon Tea Set S/12 SKU: TTSV0799 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Ceramic Electric Kettle White SKU: TTSV0695 MRP: Rs. 5295 Name: Isabelle Cheese Platter SKU: TTSV0797 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Isabelle Tea Box SKU: TTAC0188 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Cactus Cup Saucer S/6 SKU: TTSV0817 MRP: Rs. 4995 4246 Name: Saphire Snack Set S/7 SKU: TTSV0824 MRP: Rs. 5995 4197 Name: Acrylic Cake Stand with Cover SKU: TTSV0850 MRP: Rs. 4995 4245 Name: Cactus Snack Dish SKU: TTSV0814 MRP: Rs. 895 627

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Name: Redford vase L SKU: DEAC1291 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Redford vase S SKU: DEAC1292 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: Kimberley Silver Vase SKU: DEAC1295 MRP: Rs. 4095 Name: Kimberley Gold Vase L SKU: DEAC1293 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Kimberley Gold Vase S SKU: DEAC1294 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: La Perla Vase L SKU: DEAC1289 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: La Perla vase S SKU: DEAC1290 MRP: Rs. 4595

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Name: Samara Wall Art L SKU: DEAC1125 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Gleam CLR/R.Gold Jar SKU: DEAC1270 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Samara Wall Art S SKU: DEAC1127 MRP: Rs. 3595 Name: Samara Wall Art M SKU: DEAC1126 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: Samara CLR/Gold Jar SKU: DEAC1271 MRP: Rs. 3695 Name: Chealsea Jar Teal L SKU: DEAC1232 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Chealsea Jar Gold SKU: DEAC1239 MRP: Rs. 6495 Name: Chealsea Jar Teal S SKU: DEAC1233 MRP: Rs. 3995

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Name: Mop Sculpture L SKU: DEAC1309 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Mop Sculpture S SKU: DEAC1308 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Legend White Sculpture SKU: DEAC1145 MRP: Rs. 6495 Name: Egyptian Sculpture L SKU: DEAC1150 MRP: Rs. 3295 Name: Sierra Lamp 19.5” SKU: DEAC1245 MRP: Rs. 11995 Name: Sierra Stool 18” SKU: DEAC1247 MRP: Rs. 9995 Name: Sierra Jar 24” SKU: DEAC1246 MRP: Rs. 8995

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Name: Silver Abstract SKU: DEAC1152 MRP: Rs. 8495 Name: Legend Silver Tree SKU: DEAC1146 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Anabelle Hurricane SKU: DEAC1003 MRP: Rs. 3595 Name: Olivia Oval Bowl With Ring SKU: TTSV0781 MRP: Rs. 9995 8495 Name: Olivia Hurricane With Ring S SKU:DEAC0976 MRP: Rs. 6695 5691 Name: Kimberley Quilted Lamp SKU: DEAC1027 MRP: Rs. 3795 Name: Redford Lamp W/Shade SKU: DEAC1278 MRP: Rs. 9495 Name: Brilliance Rectangular Tray SKU: DEAC0676 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: Brilliance Oval Tray SKU: DEAC0674 MRP: Rs. 3895

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Name: Embrose Floor Hurricane L SKU: DEAC1006 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Embrose Floor Hurricane S SKU: DEAC1007 MRP: Rs. 7995 Name: Embrose Candle stand L SKU: DECH0515 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Embrose Candle stand S SKU: DECH0514 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Embrose Floor Hurricane XS SKU: DEAC1012 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Sasha Jar S SKU: DEAC1272 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Sasha Jar L SKU: DEAC1273 MRP: Rs. 6995

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Name: Crystal Photo Frame 4x6” SKU: DEPF0214 MRP: Rs. 7095 Name: Crystal Bookend S/2 SKU: DEAC1204 MRP: Rs. 5695 Name: Crystal Candle Holder L SKU: DECH0506 MRP: Rs. 10995 Name: Crystal Candle Holder S SKU: DECH0505 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Crystal Perfume Bottle SKU: DEAC1206 MRP: Rs. 4595 Name: Omari Crystal Candle Stand S SKU: DEAC1243 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Omari Crystal Candle Stand L SKU: DEAC1244 MRP: Rs. 7595

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Name: Brugge Hurricane SKU: DEAC1279 MRP: Rs. 3295 Name: Caroline Round Jar SKU: DEAC1226 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Auric Tray SKU: TTSV0829 MRP: Rs. 3695 Name: Shell Sculpture Gold SKU: DEAC1076 MRP: Rs. 4995 4245 Name: Woman Leaf Sculpture SKU: DEAC1052 MRP: Rs. 6495 3247 Name: Man Leaf Sculpture SKU: DEAC1051 MRP: Rs. 6495 3247 Name: Moroccan Ceramic Jar S SKU: DEAC1029 MRP: Rs. 6795 5776 Name: Moroccan Ceramic Jar L SKU: DEAC1028 MRP: Rs. 8295 Name: Stingrey Jewellery Box SKU: DEAC1048 MRP: Rs. 4995 4245

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Name: Stacy Hurricane S SKU: DECH0499 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Stacy Hurricane L SKU: DECH0500 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Fiesta Hurricane L SKU: DECH0489 MRP: Rs. 4495 3147 Name: Dome Architecture - Bevelled Frame SKU: DEAC1036 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Pillar Detail - Bevelled Frame SKU: DEAC1037 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Roman Architecture - Bevelled Frame SKU: DEAC1035 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Tree of Life- Black SKU: DEAC1315 MRP: Rs. 8595 Name: Tree Of Life- Gold SKU: DEAC1074 MRP: Rs. 8595 Name: Horn Photo Frame 4x6 SKU: DEPF0184 MRP: Rs. 4295

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Name: Salome Rose Gold Diffuser SKU: DEAC1262 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Fire Fly Box SKU: DEAC1113 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Fire Fly Photo Frame 5 X 7 SKU: DEPF0202 MRP: Rs. 3695 Name: Sovereign Table Clock L SKU: DEAC0925 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Sovereign Square Table Clock SKU: DEAC1128 MRP: Rs. 3595 Name: Sovereign Wall Clock SKU: DEAC1129 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Salome Wooden Finish Diffuser SKU: DEAC1261 MRP: Rs. 5995 Name: Firefy Cigar Box SKU: TTBA0217 MRP: Rs. 10995

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Name: Hayden Table Lamp Base SKU: DEAC1122 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Dianna Table Lamp W/shade SKU: DEAC1241 MRP: Rs. 10995 Name: Signature Table Lamp SKU: DEAC1005 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Indie Lamp With Shade SKU: DEAC1011 MRP: Rs. 10995 9345 Name: Indie Jar S SKU: DEAC1010 MRP: Rs. 7295 6200 Name: Indie Jar L SKU: DEAC1009 MRP: Rs. 8995 7645 Name: Omari Crystal Lamp W/shade SKU: DEAC1240 MRP: Rs. 6995

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Name: Shade for Cuba Lamp SKU: DEAC1222 MRP: Rs. 1095 Name: Floor Lamp SKU: DEAC1298 MRP: Rs. 10995 Name: Thread Shade Black 10.5” SKU: DEAC1324 MRP: Rs. 1295 Name: Thread Shade Silver 10.5” SKU: DEAC1325 MRP: Rs. 1295 Name: Thread Shade Black 14” SKU: DEAC1322 MRP: Rs. 1995 Name: Thread Shade Silver 14” SKU: DEAC1323 MRP: Rs. 1995 Name: Shade for Floor Lamp SKU: DEAC1304 MRP: Rs. 1195 Name: Shade for Hayden Lampbase SKU: DEAC1302 MRP: Rs. 995 Name: Shade For Signature Lamp SKU: DEAC1110 MRP: Rs. 2495

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Name: Imperial Red wine glass s/6 SKU: TTGL0227 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Imperial Beer Glass S/6 SKU: TTGL0239 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Imperial White wine glass s/6 SKU: TTGL0226 MRP: Rs. 4495 Name:Imperial Margrita glass s/6 SKU: TTGL0229 MRP: Rs. 3995

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Name: Omari Crystal Decanter SKU: TTGL0238 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Amara Champagne Flutes S/7 SKU: TTGL0235 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Imperial Champagne glass s/6 SKU: TTGL0228 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Platinum DW Old Fashioned S/6 SKU: TTGL0149 MRP: Rs. 4595 3905 Name: Platinum Rim Double W alled Glasses S/4 SKU: TTGL0163 MRP: Rs. 3995 Name: Imperial Jug 1.5L SKU: TTGL0218 MRP: Rs. 3595

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Name: Moroccan Wine Chiller SKU: TTBA0214 MRP: Rs. 3595 3055 Name: Hammered beverage Tub Oval SKU: TTBA0221 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Willow picnic basket for 2 persons SKU: OTAC0129 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Vintage Wine Chiller S SKU: TTBA0216 MRP: Rs. 7.995 Name: Wine Chiller On Stand SKU: TTBA0071 MRP: Rs. 11995 8397 Name: Lapiz Ash Tray SKU: TTBA0215 MRP: Rs. 5495 Name: Wine Chiller With Wooden Stand SKU: TTBA0164 MRP: Rs. 6995 Name: Horn Ashtray SKU: DEAC0828 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Crystal Ashtray SKU: DEAC1205 MRP: Rs. 4495

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Name: Lunch Basket S SKU: OFAC0098 MRP: Rs. 3495 Name: Lunch Basket L SKU: OFAC0095 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Manor Wooden/Glass Lantern L SKU: OTAC0145 MRP: Rs. 6495 Name: Manor Wooden/Glass Lantern M SKU: OTAC0146 MRP: Rs. 5495 Name: Cheers Tub Red SKU: OTAC0089 MRP: Rs. 7495

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Name: Executive Wastebin SKU: OFDT0212 MRP: Rs. 7995 Name: Executive Tissue Box SKU: OFDT0208 MRP: Rs. 5295 Name: Executive Deskblotter SKU: OFDT0213 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Executive Pen Cup SKU: OFDT0209 MRP: Rs. 2595 Name: Executive Visiting Card Holder SKU: OFDT0210 MRP: Rs. 1595 Name: Executive Coaster SKU: OFDT0211 MRP: Rs. 2595 Name: Executive Pen Box SKU: DEAC1130 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Executive Watch Box for 3 SKU: DEAC1131 MRP: Rs. 5495 Name: Import Leather Photo Frame SKU: DEPF0172 MRP: Rs. 3195

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Name: Executive stationery box SKU: OFDT0162 MRP: Rs. 4995 Name: Executive Hurricane S SKU: DECH0502 MRP: Rs. 4295 Name: Executive Hurricane L SKU: DECH0501 MRP: Rs. 4995

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