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Experience various types of Luxury home decor items from our store. Elvy Is India's Iconic Home Décor Brand That Presents High Quality In Luxury Lifestyle. Luxury Home Decor


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Collection ’18 0124-4578888 Luxe Range

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Name: Add On Indigo Dinner Set S/18 SKU: TTDN0111 MRP: Rs. 12995 Name: Indigo Dinner Set S/23 SKU: TTDN0110 MRP: Rs. 23995 Name: Indigo Tea Set S/17 SKU: TTSV0803 MRP: Rs. 11995 Name: Alaska T ea set SKU: TTSV0876 MRP: Rs. 11995

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Name: Burgeon Tea Set S/17 SKU: TTSV0798 MRP: Rs. 14995 Name: Dragonfy Jar SKU: DEAC1213 MRP: Rs. 42995 Name: Dragonfy Lamp SKU: DEAC1220 MRP: Rs. 39995 Name: Dragonfy Vase SKU: DEVS0196 MRP: Rs. 32995 Name: Dragonfy Box SKU: DEAC1218 MRP: Rs. 22995 Name: Dragonfy Centre Piece S SKU: DEAC1221 MRP: Rs. 24995 Name: Dragonfy Centre Piece L SKU: DEAC1214 MRP: Rs. 29995 Name: Primrose Tea set S/17 SKU: TTSV0654 MRP: Rs. 13995 Name: Horn Tray L SKU: DEAC0984 MRP: Rs. 18995 16146

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Name: Kiara Slim Vase S SKU: DEVS0186 MRP: Rs. 16995 Name: Flora Rectangle Box SKU: DEAC1216 MRP: Rs. 16995 Name: Flora Photo Frame SKU: DEPF0215 MRP: Rs. 19995 Name: Kiara Slim Vase Large SKU: DEVS0187 MRP: Rs. 24995 Name: Flora Box L SKU: DEAC1217 MRP: Rs. 15995 Name: Fora Tray SKU: TTSV0857 MRP: Rs. 15995 Name: Enchante Jar S SKU: DEAC1132 MRP: Rs. 12995 Name: Enchante Jar Large SKU: DEAC1133 MRP: Rs. 21995 Name: Kiara Vase Gold SKU: DEVS01825 MRP: Rs. 10995

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Name: Gold Petal Box SKU: DEAC1219 MRP: Rs. 18995 Name: Gold Petals Vase SKU: DEVS0197 MRP: Rs. 24995 Name: Tropical Vase SKU: DEVS0175 MRP: Rs. 27995 23796 Name: Luxor Vase Amber Green SKU: DEAC1199 MRP: Rs. 29995 Name: Fern Bowl Amber Green SKU: DEAC1198 MRP: Rs. 28995 Name: Tropical Jar SKU: DEAC1017 MRP: Rs. 5995 5096 Name: Tropical Lamp With Shade SKU: DEAC1020 MRP: Rs. 25995 22096 Name: Horn Lamp Base SKU: DEAC0821 MRP: Rs. 29995 Name: Fire Fly Lamp Base SKU: DEAC1114 MRP: Rs. 19995

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Name: Cuba Lamp SKU: DEAC1117 MRP: Rs. 17995 Name: Crystal Oval Table Lamp SKU: DEAC1201 MRP: Rs. 18995 Name: Barbara Table Lamp Base SKU: DEAC1123 MRP: Rs. 12995 Name: Caroline Lamp W/Shade SKU: DEAC1227 MRP: Rs. 19995 Name: Kimberley Gold Lamp W/Shade SKU: DEAC1225 MRP: Rs. 16995 Name: Opulance Lamp W/Shade SKU: DEAC1155 MRP: Rs. 29995 Name: Crystal Small Table Lamp SKU: DEAC1203 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Crystal Round Table Lamp SKU: DEAC1202 MRP: Rs. 29995

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Name: Sovereign Lift Top Tray SKU: FRTA0078 MRP: Rs. 8995 Name: Butler Table With Gold Trims SKU: FRTA0081 MRP: Rs. 14995 Name: Dianna Floor Lamp W/shade SKU: DEAC1242 MRP: Rs. 12995 Name: Firefy Shade SKU: DEAC1299 MRP: Rs. 1095 Name: Shade for Horn Lampbase SKU: DEAC0932 MRP: Rs. 1095 Name: Shade for Cuba Lamp SKU: DEAC1222 MRP: Rs. 1095 Name:Oval Shade For Barbara T able Lamp-Slv SKU: DEAC1283 MRP: Rs. 1095 Name: Grandeur Chess board Small SKU: GAME0028 MRP: Rs. 15995 Name: Moroccan Table SKU: FRTA0082 MRP: Rs. 15995

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