EDM Machining - Process for hard metals and alloys


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EMD, Inc. is a known leader in EDM precision products. Our experience with the specific capabilities of wire EDM and conventional EDM (also known as plunge EDM or sinker EDM) is unmatched in the industry. EMD, Inc. is an expert at determining the most efficient use of EDM and other machining methods (if appropriate) for your project.


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EDM Machining - Process for hard metals and their alloys:

EDM Machining - Process for hard metals and their alloys EMD-USA


EDM stands for electrical discharge machining and EDM Machining process is particularly meant for manufacturing parts that are made with from hard metals and alloys. It is also a thermal process which removes as well as re-deposit materials on the top of the object. dies made of hardened steel, critical components of engines and compressor blades of jet engine fans use this machining process. EDM MACHINING


EDM MACHINING Why it is called as electrical discharge machine? It is called as electrical discharge machine because an electrical discharge is made to occur between the object surface and the tool used for finishing This discharge induces high temperatures that range between 10,000 to 20,000 degrees centigrade. In this manner a dielectric field is created that, as long as it exists, it constantly removes and then re-deposits material to the object's surface


EDM MACHINING It allows you to introduce metal or elemental powders into the dielectric stream and this causes an alloy to be deposited. It also put in use in order to cut, shape and alter exceptionally hard metals. It is used to turn metals into tools that can in turn be used to cut and machine those objects that are made from softer metals


EDM MACHINING In this kind of machining, a wire that is electrically charged is moved extremely close to the object under machining and it is at that point that the electrical discharge actually begins This CNC machining process is almost used in all tool making and metal cutting process. We as the cnc machine shop is a known leader in EDM machining products with fastest turn around and competetive pricing.

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