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Experience healing & wellness through Pranic healing on Physical treatment, Psychological Treatment, Students Face Problems Relationship Healing Stress Relief Meditations for Corporate. Increase your health, finance and spirituality with the help of Pranic Healing. Elshaddai center is best palce for Pranic healing in Nagpur, which can help you to solve your body problems without any touch and medicine.


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Elshaddai Pranic Healing Center for No-Touch and No-Drug Energy Based Healing Mr.Shrikant Kanhere is one of trainer based at Nagpur Centre at ELSADDAI who have 6 years of experience and knowledge and Associate Certified Pranic Healer trainer and organizer. Science has confirmed the human body is capable of extraordinary feats including impulsive healing. Pranic Reiki and other energy healing modalities provide a source for healing. Today in its modern form even the young can hold its basic concepts and can do well in it. Pranic healing in Nagpur is increasing now most of the doctors and people want to learn pranic healing to solve several alignments. Energy healing is based on the intent of provider and trust of the receiver. Both should be open to directing energy. Cells of the body respond to the confidence of the one who is receiving energy.

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Many Pranic Healing Trainers connected with us to conduct various courses and their training. These simple and easy bright techniques of healing have huge power to transfer well-being to each household all across the world. Elshaddai center provides both advanced and basic pranic healing courses in Nagpur. Pranic Healing is a no-touch and no-drug energy based healing developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. In our body we have lots of energy quantum packets of energy which continuously transfer and receive energy. There are number of centers and chakras Prana which control whole human body features. These energy fields get dirty and broken when emotional physical and mental imbalance occurs. Pranic healing technique cleanse rebalance and energize the energy field to repair harmony and balance physical emotional and mental plane. These techniques is used to correct all imbalances circles of energy which control all human activism like relationships finance work and home environments which allow them to function at their best level.

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Pranic healing improves the way life force circulates and promote the physical body bringing about an accelerated rate of healing. Pranic healing also works on Arthritis Joint Pain Asthma Blood Pressure Migraine Stress Phobia Anxiety Depression. Join ELSHADDAI Pranic Healing Center in Nagpur to heal your problems. ELSHADDAI Pranic Healing Centre Near VMV College Wardhaman Nagar Nagpur-440008 Phone : +91 91589 91101 Email :

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