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If you're looking for Linux Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. Mindmajix offers Advanced Linux Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as linux Developer.


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Linux Interview Questions:

Linux Interview Questions Q. What is the difference between Linux and UNIX? A. UNIX - Only big companies are allowed to use the UNIX copyright and name. IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX all are UNIX operating systems. Most UNIX operating systems are commercial in nature. Linux is a Unix clone. But if you consider Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) standards then Linux can be considered as UNIX. Linux Is Just Kernal All Linux distributions include GUI system, GNU utilities, installation & management tools, GNU c/ c++ Compilers, Editors (vi), and various applications like OpenOffice , Firefox. UNIX operating systems are considered as a complete OS as everything come from a single vendor. License and cost Linux is Free. You can download it from the Internet or redistribute it under GNU licenses. Most UNIX like operating systems are not free. Security And Firewall Linux comes with open source  Netfilter and IPTables  based firewall tool to protect your server and desktop from the crackers and hackers. UNIX operating systems comes with its own firewall products.  Backup And Recovery UNIX and Linux come with their own set of tools for backing up data to tape and other backup media. However, both Linux and UNIX share some common tools such as tar, dump/restore, and cpio etc.

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Q. What are Linux file systems? A. By default, Linux supports and use ext3 or ext4 file systems. UNIX supports file systems like jfs , gpfs (AIX), jfs , gpfs (HP-UX), jfs , gpfs (Solaris). Q. What are System Startup Scripts? A. By default, Linux and UNIX come with system initialization script but they are located in different directories: HP-UX – / sbin / init.d AIX – /etc/ rc.d / init.d Linux – /etc/ init.d Q. What are the some UNIX Operating System Names? A. Some of the most used UNIX operating systems are: HP-UX IBM AIX Sun Solairs Mac OS X IRIX

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Q. What are the Linux Distribution (Operating System) Names? A. Here are the some Linux operating system names: Redhat Enterprise Linux Fedora Linux Debian Linux Suse Enterprise Linux Ubuntu Linux Q. What are some common things between Linux & UNIX? A. Both Linux and UNIX share many common applications such as: GUI, file, and windows managers (KDE, Gnome) Shells ( ksh , csh , bash) Various office applications such as Development tools like perl , php , python, GNU c/ c++ compilers Posix interface

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For M ore I nterview Questions If you're looking for Linux Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers , you are at right place.  Mindmajix offers Advanced Linux Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Linux Developer.

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