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King Tut’s Tomb. : 

King Tut’s Tomb.

The Tomb is Found : 

The Tomb is Found Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon invested money. 31 years before King Tut’s tomb discovered. Door was exposed and broken into by tomb robbers.

Tomb Robbers : 

Tomb Robbers November 25, 1922 Sealed door was photographed and seals noted. First time robbed hole was filled with darker and larger rocks. Second time dug through the fill and escaped with small items.

Burial Chamber : 

Burial Chamber Large Shrine over 16 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. Walls made of gilded wood and inlaid blue porcelain. Walls painted with funerary scenes.

Tut’s Coffin : 

Tut’s Coffin Wooden Coffin, Human shaped, 7 feet 4 inches in length. Third coffin made entirely of gold Mummy found with liquid from head to toe. 3,300 years since royal Egyptian mummy had been found untouched.

Tut’s Curse : 

Tut’s Curse “They who enter this sacred tomb shall swift be visited by the wings of death.” Lord Carnarvon Died at 57 Howard Carter Died at 65

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